I love a good pop card. They’re so fun- like a handmade gift inside a DIY card. These two pop up cards for Mother’s Day are perfect for moms or any special lady you’d like to remember this Mother’s Day.

Printable pop up cards for Mother’s Day…

The supplies needed for these printable Mother’s Day cards are pretty basic. You probably already have everything you need!

  • white card stock or paper for printing pop up template
  • colored card stock or paper for the exterior of the card
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • crayons or markers
printable pop up cards for Mother's Day

Start by adding color to your Mother’s Day card…

Add color to the printable pop up card template before cutting anything out. Encourage your young artists to color as much or as little as they’d like. You could even print this card on colored paper

Prepare the outer part of the pop up card…

The interior parts of this pop up card need an outer “base to which it will attach. The insides are sized to fit on a half sheet of 8.5 x 11 card stock folded in half.

Choose colored card stock like these Astrobright colors used here or you could even up-cycle a piece of your student’s past artwork!

pop up card for Mother's Day

Cut out the components of your Mother’s Day card…

Grab some scissors and cut out all the components of your pop up Mother’s day card. Set aside the front panel and the the individual “block” letters.

Fold the interior portion of the card in half. (This part has a series of lines, no letters.) Fold it so that the lines are on the exterior and you can see them as you cut.

Cut from the fold forward on each line. When you get to the line that’s perpendicular to the line you’re cutting- stop. Do not cut the short line.

Assembling your pop up card for Mother’s Day….

In order to assemble your pop up cards for Mother’s day you’ll need to gather all your pieces, including the larger colored backing, and a glue stick.

Fold the interior of pop up card while “popping out” the three or four tabs that create the pop put portion of these cards. (The “Mom” card has three while the “love”card has four.)

Apply glue to the back of this interior section, keeping all glue off of the “pop out” tabs. Glue the interior to the exterior of the card,

Put a spot of glue on the bottom of the pop put tabs and adhere a colored letter to each one. Close the card to apply a bit of pressure and make sure everything is stuck.

The front of the card can be glued on at any point in this process.

Check out this post that includes pop up card templates for for any occasion. It includes a video that will show you exactly how to assemble these cards!

free printable Mother Day cards for kids

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Want more pop up card templates…

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Printable pop up cards for Mother's Day for your kids to print and color

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