Follow along with this step by step video drawing lesson and printable resource as you learn to draw a nutcracker!

Let’s prepare to draw a nutcracker….

This nutcracker drawing starts with a few simple folds of the paper. This creates a super grid on the paper that’s the perfect structure for drawing a nutcracker.

Drawing a nutcracker step by step…

This nutcracker is divided into four sections. This column like structure makes it easy for your students to create a drawing that’s big and fills the page.

I’ll walk your students through every line and shape, all the while encouraging them to take those directions and make their drawing their own!

Adding color to your nutcracker drawing…

When your students are done with their nutcracker drawing I’ll give them some suggestions for how to add color and create a finished artwork.

This nutcracker directed drawing will take about 15 minutes or so to draw and another fifteen minutes or so to add color! This is a great holiday project or creative experience leading up to watching the Nutcracker in person!

Do you want this lesson for your students?

Here’s what you get….

Everything you need to teach this nutcracker drawing lesson (and more) are included in this Kitchen Table Classroom lesson!

  • Six page printable lesson packet
  • One page printable step by step drawing guide for students
  • Three part video drawing lesson that’s DOWNLOADABLE so you can share with your own students!
  • A set of four printable Nutcracker character puppets
  • A set of four Nutcracker Christmas ornaments to color

You get all of these Nutcracker printable resources plus lifetime access to the downloadable Nutcracker drawing lesson for just $6!

Nutcracker drawing lesson