Check out 8 different mandala art ideas for beginners that all use simple materials you already have to to create easy mandala art.

Why create mandala art with your beginner…

A mandala is circular pattern that radiates out from a central point. The circular designs are every where right now. You’ll see them on t-shirts, beach towels, jewelry, tattoos, and more.

While mandala designs are trendy and easy to find at your local department store there is a spiritual side to them as well. Mandalas hold an important place in Hindu and Buddhists religion. They are are seen as symbols and can used as an object of meditation.

Easy mandala art ideas for beginners include leaf mandalas, polka dot mandalas and floral blot mandala art.

Easy mandala art with leaf prints….

Above you’ll see a colorful leaf mandala made with watercolor leaf prints. Go on a treasure hunt for a collection of leaves and create a mandala with super simple watercolor paint prints.

Floral mandala….

The floral mandala above translates well as a project for artists of any age. Spots of color are easily transferred into a radial mandala design by folding paper and blotting the paint. Details can be added later using a permanent marker!

Polka dot mandala….

These polka dot mandalas use found objects for a super satisfying printmaking process. This mandala art idea for beginners is perfect for kids of any age!

Learn how to draw a mandala, make a nature mandala and draw a leaf mandala design.

Draw an easy mandala with this transfer method….

Fold a paper into eighths and draw a few simple lines and then the magic can start. My favorite thing about this easy mandala drawing method is that it uses just a pencil to transfer your design from one section of the mandala to the next- so easy!

A few basic lines and shapes turns into a complex mandala design in no time. All you need to get started is a pencil!

Draw a simple mandala inside a leaf…

This leaf themed mandala drawing is a natural for any season. This lesson also comes with printable leaf mandala templates to get started right away!

Use nature to create a mandala design….

Go outside! This mandala art idea for beginners can be done anywhere in any season, just use what you have! Gather natural materials and arrange in a concentric radial design.

Easy mandalas for kids to make include a hand drawn mandala that starts with a printable template and a paper plate mandala.

Paper plate mandalas for kids….

This mandala art for beginners starts with a paper plate. It’s the perfect sturdy base for a rainbow concentric design!

This mandala art for kids begins with a base of oil pastel covered in black tempera. The design is created by scratching away the paint to reveal a colorful mandala design!

Draw an easy mandala with a free printable mandala template….

As opposed to drawing a mandala freehand this printable template gives your young artists a place to start. Pale concentric circles and divisions will fade away as you add ring after ring of design!

Check out 8 different mandala art ideas for beginners that all use basic at materials to make easy mandala art.

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