Learning how to make these paper baskets is super simple and results in such sweet little baskets perfect for gifting a little treat or two.  Three free paper templates make it easy!

How to make a paper basket…

Each of these paper baskets starts with a free printable blank template.  The template each print on standard 8.5 x 11 paper for easy printing.  I suggest printing on cardstock as it will make for a sturdier basket, but as always, use what you have!  Our baskets were printed on white so we could add our own color and design.  But printing on colored card stock would make for a simple, colorful basket too!

Although each template is a blank outline there are three different shapes.  One basket has heart shaped flaps, one geometric, and the other organic shapes perfect for flowers and leaves.

Cut, print, and fold…..

Print your template of choice out.  Cut it out now.  The portion of the basket that shows the most is actually the outside.

After cutting on the lines, fold the basket on the dotted lines so it’s evident where each section of the basket begins and ends. Now flip the basket over and make your designs on the back.

How to decorate your paper basket…

If you kiddos made ten of these paper baskets I’m guessing they’d all turn out different.  Different shapes suggest different designs for each of the three templates but they are blank…on purpose!  That way your kiddos can use their imagination as far as what should fill the blank space.

If your paper baskets are printed on cardstock your baskets will be sturdy enough to handle about any medium your kids choose!  The baskets pictured started with permanent black Sharpie marker.  Then we used washable marker on top with a dash of water added to liquify the marker a bit to look like watercolor paints.  This directed flower drawing uses and explains this paint with markers technique more fully!


Add a handle to your paper basket….

While a handle isn’t included in the templates for these paper baskets it’s a super simple addition.  A strip of cardstock, decorated to match, can be attached to either side of the basket with glue or a stapler.  So sweet, and the perfect way to deliver a small gift!

If your little people enjoyed this paper basket project be sure to check out these small woven paper baskets.  They also start with a template and are the perfect way to upcycle some old children’s artwork into a colorful new project!

Want to grab the three paper basket templates….

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