Follow along with these three printable tutorials and learn how to draw a dog three different ways!

Let’s draw dogs….

Are you a dog person? I love, love, love a sweet little dog face. Every dog has their own little personality and charm. While there are too many sizes and shapes of dogs to count we picked three dogs to learn to draw in a step by step fashion.

Each printable page will show you and your little artists how to draw a dog of a specific size and shape. These step by step dog drawings are easy to personalize with their own detail to look just like their own special dog or favorite breed!

Learn how to draw a bulldog with these three easy how to draw a dog guides.

Six steps to an easy dog drawing….

Page one show six easy steps to draw a small-ish breed dog. This pup reminds of a bulldog, or even a Chihuahua type pup.

The second how to draw a dog printable page shows a scruffy mutt type dog. This would be the perfect place to start for any moderately furry mix, like my doodle, Mac!

The third and final how to draw a dog page is inspired by the poodle breed.

Personalize your dog drawing….

If your students are not confident drawers encourage them to follow each step on the how to draw a dog printables one time through.

Then get a little more creative by using the basic body, head and ear shapes to draw a dog that looks like whatever they can imagine.

Just by personalizing the shape of the ear, adding or subtracting a little scruft of fur, or changing the length of the legs/ body their dog drawing will begin to look like the dog of their mind’s eye.

Learning to draw anything is just about drawing a series of shapes in relationship to each other. Learning how to draw a dog is o different!

Learn how to draw a mutt with these three easy how to draw a dog guides.

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Learn how to draw a poodle with these three easy how to draw a dog guides.

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Learn how to draw a dog with these free easy dog drawing tutorials.

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