Learn how to draw a cat in three different positions with these free printable cat drawing guides!

Learn how to draw a cat….

Learn how to draw cats with these free printable drawing guides. Each one page guide presents six easy steps to draw a cat in a different position.

All your kids need is pencil and paper. By the time they’ve used all three how to draw a cat tutorials they’ll be super familiar with the shapes in a cat and will be drawing their own original cat!

Encourage your kids to make each cat drawing their own. Add details, change it up, add color. These steps aren’t rules- just suggestion to get them started!

Learn how to draw cats that are standing and a cat that's curled up in a ball sleeping.

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I love creating these free printable drawing guides. They’re a quick and easy way to squeeze in a little creativity and build some confidence in your kids!

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Learn how to draw a cat that's standing, looking back at you in six easy steps.

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Three free how to draw a cat step by step drawing guides to use in your home or classroom.

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