Learn how to cut a four leaf clover with a few simple folds and cuts.

The best paper to cut a shamrock shape….

This four leaf clover starts with a square piece of paper. Origami paper is the perfect easy to fold light weight but any square paper will do. Origami paper does have lots of color and pattern options that make it a fun choice.

Follow along these simple steps to cut a paper four leaf clover.

Folding paper to cut a four leaf clover…

*Bring two corners of the square together and fold in half diagonally.

*Fold in half diagonally again.

*Fold one corner back to meet the other corner.

*Turn the paper over and do the same to the other side.

*On the folded line draw a rounded petal shape with a deeper “V” on one side than the other.

*Unfold and display your paper four leaf clover!

Cut a shamrock shape our of paper with a few easy folds and cuts.

Let’s cut a clover shape together….

Sometimes seeing something is the best way to learn! Follow along with the short video above to watch exactly how to fold your paper to cut a four leaf clover!

Are you looking for more Saint Patrick’s Day activities? Check out this printable “How to Draw a Four Leaf Clover.” It’s a sweet and simple follow along drawing activity!

Learn how to cut a four leaf clover shape from paper.

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