Drawing a mermaid is easy with this free printable step by step drawing guide!

Supplies for these easy to draw mermaids…

Drawing is the easiest skill to approach with kids because all you need is pencil and paper. These mermaids will be fun for your kids to embellish with markers and crayons when the drawing is done but I highly recommend starting with just pencils!

Step by step drawing instructions are super helpful for kids that could use a little boost of confidence while they’re drawing. But if your kiddo goes off the rails while drawing, meaning they’re not following the steps, let them! I find drawing guides like this easy to draw mermaid guide to be helpful and fun for kids that are overwhelmed with starting from scratch. For some kids these may just be a starting point- and that’s okay!

Drawing a mermaid is easy when you break it down into a series of simple steps & this free printable!

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Easy to draw mermaids are the goal with this mermaid drawing guide for kids!

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Learn how to draw a mermaid when you follow along with this free printable mermaid drawing guide for kids!

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