This DIY wooden picture hanger is made with paint stir sticks for a fun and easy way to display kid’s artwork or photos!

Why make a wooden picture hanger???

These little picture hangers come together super quickly! They’re trendy- you’ve for sure seen these in home stores with pretty quotes and prints hanging!

And, perhaps best of all…. these picture hangers are a snap to change out the artwork. No dismantling a frame or searching for just the right size!

Pop an old picture out and a new one in seconds!

Paint stir sticks and magnets create this easy to make wooden photo hanger.

Materials to create your own wooden picture hanger…

The picture hangers require just a few simple supplies. The wooden pieces seen in the pictures here are wooden paint stir sticks. They’re the perfect measurement for hanging a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of paper portrait style. You’ll need four wooden strips the same length for each picture hanger you want to make!

Use craft sticks or popsicle sticks for a tiny version!

Each wooden picture hanger will require eight magnets. We used craft magnets with adhesive already on one side to make it super easy. If your magnets don’t have adhesive hot glue will work well too!

You’ll want to have some kind of twine, string, or ribbon to hang your wooden hanger from as well. We used this jute twine. I like that it’s a nice neutral color and not slippery to work with!

Paint stir sticks and magnets create this easy to change photo display hanger!

Designing your own picture hanger….

Decide if or how each picture hanger will be decorated. Two of the four wooden pieces will need to be embellished. The remaining two pieces will be the “backs.”

Ours are plain as can be because I liked a neutral look that didn’t compete with the image being displayed. Little artists aren’t known for their love of plain and neutral and that’s okay! Embrace the embellishment! I encourage the use of paint, crayons, paint markers, stickers, puffy paint, and more!

Provide an assortment of materials to make these wooden sticks as colorful and special as your young artists like. Remember to allow plenty of time for them to dry as well!

Use paint sticks to create this easy photo hangers.

Using magnets to create your picture hanger….

Lay one piece of wood flat. Attach one magnet towards the end of each side. Use magnets with adhesive included or a dot of hot glue.

Attach a second magnet to each attached magnet. Uncover the adhesive on the second set of magnets or add hot glue to the back. Immediately attach the second piece of wood. This will create a sandwich of sort- wood on the outsides with two magnets sandwiched inside the wood.

Repeat this process two times for each picture hanger. One strip will be the top and the other the bottom.

Tie a piece of twine six to twelve inches long to the strip that is in the back of the top. Tie it equal distances from each end. This is the hanger from which the frame will hang!

Displaying your DIY wooden picture hanger….

One wooden bar goes at the top of the artwork, and one at the bottom. The artwork can be fastened between the two sets of magnets and then hung from the string. Easy peasy!

These DIY wooden picture hangers are a fun and easy way to display photos and artwork!

Other easy ways to display kids art work and photos…

I love the simplicity of these DIY wooden picture hanger. It’s perfect for displaying or gifting kid’s artwork. here are a few more ideas that are just as simple and sweet!

This three dimensional paper picture frame starts with a free printable template!

Use craft sticks and rubber bands to make these adorable mini photo frames!

This DIY wooden picture hanger is made with paint stir sticks for a fun and easy way to display kid's artwork or photos!

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