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September 30, 2018

Appreciation Quotes- Quotes about Being Thankful for The Life You Have

Do you generally wake up everyday happy to be alive and grateful for everything you’ve got?  I’m going to be honest here; I don’t.  I’m embarrassed to say my default setting is low grade pessimism.  These six pretty watercolor appreciation quotes are here to help remind you (and me) that life is pretty awesome and there is always something to be thankful for!

August 29, 2018

Growing Kids with Grit-Pretty Printable Quotes about Grit and a Book List

What is this new buzzword “grit” anyways and why do we want our kids to have it?  It sounds unpleasant, right?  It’s not.  It’s a goal for raising kiddos that know how to keep working hard towards a goal even when times get tough.  Check out these pretty quotes about grit.  (Even grit quotes can be pretty, right?)  Find out what grit is and how to inspire it in your kids; and maybe even in ourselves.  After all, the learning should never stop!

August 20, 2018

Personal Planner for Creatives -10 Gorgeous Pages of Free Planner Printables

This personal planner for creatives is designed with the dreamer and the artist in mind.  Typical daily planner and weekly planner pages as well as lots of space to record ideas, inspiration, projects, and reflections are included in these 10 free planner printables!

Are you a planner….

I’m a mental planner.  As in I might or might not write anything down.  Grocery lists, to do lists, blog ideas may or may not get written down.  If they do make it to paper it’s likely on a wrinkled post-it note somewhere.  It’s a system that has carried me through some busy years but I’m realizing that I actually like writing things down.  It somehow makes me feel more accountable and, maybe, remember them.  (That’s the point, right?) 

This personal planner for creatives includes ten pages of dreamy watercolor free planner printables.The set includes a weekly planner, daily planner & more!

The daily planner and weekly planner, of course…..

First, anyone can use these free planner printables- not just artists!  These free planner printables are made for the creative mind.  Of course the basics are covered.  There are weekly planner, daily planner, and to-do lists included.  

What makes these personal planner for creatives pages special….

There’s more!  There are places to list projects, ideas, goals, materials- you know, the stuff of the creative mind!   This is the stuff that’s exciting to write about and dream about.  

Here’s the catch… I think everyone has some of that creative in them if they are brave enough to let it out! If you’re normally a right brain, Type A person challenge yourself with planning a creative project.  Maybe you’re not quite ready for a project.  That’s okay.  Think about what inspires you.  What do you love? 

Take one step towards surrounding yourself with inspiration that makes you happy. 

This personal planner for creatives includes ten pages of dreamy watercolor free planner printables.The set includes a weekly planner, daily planner & more!

A personal planner might as well be pretty….

Doodling has been a favorite pastime since the hours of keeping myself awake during college lecture classes.  Now I to doodle while I’m sitting at our “school table”  and working with my kids.  (Homeschool mom to four here!)  Doodling has turned from Bic pen marks to using my precious brush markers and playing with lettering.   If you’re looking for a tiny investment that makes you feel like a real artist these are it- so pretty! 

Go beyond the daily planner and weekly planner pages!  Dig in and enjoy list making, blog planning, keyword research, house project planning- it might as well be pretty enough to hang up and enjoy! Right?  

This personal planner for creatives includes ten pages of dreamy watercolor free planner printables.The set includes a weekly planner, daily planner & more!

Grab this free personal printable planner for creatives set now….

Do you want a copy of these printable planner pages for you and your students? These beauties are free for Kitchen Table Classroom subscribers.

Use the form below to become a subscriber. Then check your email and confirm that you really meant to subscribe. Upon confirmation you’ll receive the PDF immediately.

As a subscriber you’ll also begin receiving weekly emails from me with my best new projects and free priantables!

Are you already a KTC subscriber….

If you are already a subscriber- thank you! You can still go through this same process to grab these printable planer pages. I made them just for you! It’s quick and easy! You won’t be sent duplicate emails- I promise.

After you become a KTC subscriber you’ll also receive a password to my Free Resource Library where you can find this planner for creatives and browse all the free printables in one simple spot! (I’m talking hundreds of free pages to browse!)

This personal planner for creatives includes ten pages of dreamy watercolor free planner printables.The set includes a weekly planner, daily planner & more!

If you love these pretty personal planner pages I hope you’ll share them on your favorite social media share channel.  

Every single share helps me to bring you more fun projects and free printable resources like these free planner printables!

August 6, 2018

Quotes about Mindfulness- How to Be a Present Mom

Mindfulness is being present, noticing what’s happening around you without judging whether it’s good or bad.  It’s soaking up what’s happening right now without moving on to what comes next.  Use these quotes about mindfulness to remind yourself to take a deep breath and relax.

July 29, 2018

Quotes about Learning for Your Home & Classroom

Are you a teacher or a parent?  Both?  Chances are if you’re a reader here at the Kitchen Table Classroom you’re one of those and I’m certain you’ve got a real interest in how kids learn.  These free printable quotes about learning will remind you how awesome it is to be able to inspire learning!

July 16, 2018

How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

Did you ever wonder how to make t-shirt yarn?  Did you even know that was a “thing?”  It is and it’s a super fun way to up-cycle a ratty t-shirt into cozy yarn perfect for crafting with.

March 18, 2018

Sketch the Fifty States- Free Printable Book

It would be a stretch to say that we’re a family of travelers.  Even though my kiddos have not seen the world over doesn’t mean they can’t “know” it.  I created this free printable book to help kids learn the fifty states through a doing a little research and digging and also having a little fun sketching and doodling along the way. 

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