Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist famous for using natural materials to create fantastic environmental sculptures your kids will love!

Who is Andy Goldsworthy…

Andy Goldsworthy is a British born artist that creates fantastic site specific artwork using almost exclusively natural materials.

His work is most often created outside and allowed to stay outside. It’s temporary. Goldsworthy creates his ,and art and sculptures fully aware that they won’t last forever.

In addition to being a land artist and sculptor Goldsworthy is also a photographer. His photographs capture his fleeting artwork in a more permanent way.

These free printable Andy Goldsworthy biography facts are a great introduction to the art of Andy Goldsworthy for kids.

Why Andy Goldsworthy for kids….

Goldsworthy is such a fun artist to introduce and discuss with kids. His work is so inspiring and relatable for kids.

I love that Goldsworthy’s most often used materials are accessible. He creates art out of natural materials that he finds, things our kiddos might find outside their own home or school. We all have what we need to create art.

I also love the idea that Goldsworthy’s art asks us to look again at what’s all around is. Nature and art our intertwined in the most beautiful of ways.

This free one page Andy Goldsworthy artist study is a great way to get your kids writing and talking about art.

Talk about the art of Goldsworthy with your students…

This series of three Andy Goldsworthy printables will provide your students with some basic background information on the British artist as well as provide a way to begin talking and writing about his artwork.

Use the portrait coloring page as one more way to make the artist come to life!

Get the Andy Goldsworthy for kids printables here….

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This free Andy Goldsworthy coloring page brings the artist to life.

Make art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy…

After you and your students have talked about the artwork and life of Andy Goldsworthy it’s time to make your own nature inspired artwork. Check out these art prompts using natural materials.

You can make art from nature no matter where you live or the season. Just head outside!

More Andy Goldsworthy resources for kids….

Andy Goldsworthy for kids printables include and Andy Goldsworthy coloring page, Andy Goldsworthy biography facts, and a one page Andy Goldsworthy artist study.

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