This simple printable Thanksgiving craft is sure to entertain as your kids see the “magic” of the agamograph and optical illusion it represents!

A Thanksgiving agamograph….

Have you heard the term agamograph before? I have to admit I’d seen many of these types of images before I ever heard the word agamograph. An agamograph is an art form that uses optical illusion to change the image seen by the viewer based on their perspective.

Agamographs are named after Yaacov Agam, the Israeli artist who created the agamograph. Agamographs are also sometimes called Lenticulars.

These printable Thanksgiving agamographs each feature two different images, depending on which direction you’re viewing from.

These are a fun and easy introduction to the concept of an agamograph that celebrates the season!

This printable Thanksgiving craft features two different agamograph designs.

Choosing colors for your agamograph….

Each of the two hand drawn Thanksgiving agamographs feature two different images. Each image is presented in an “every other stripe” fashion. Looking at it the agamographs unfolded they appear a bit scrambled and disconnected but stay with me here!

Encourage your kids to choose a color scheme for each image. Choosing colors that are very different from each other will help the images stand out from each other!

Add color using a simple medium such as crayons, markers, or colored pencil.

Color and fold these cute printable Thanksgiving agamograph designs.

Color your agamograph….

I recommend having kids color all the strips of one image. Color the images and even the background completely before moving onto the strips of the second image.

This will help in keeping track of which colors go where! Doing a little bit of each of the images can make it very tricky to know which color goes well!

Folding your agamograph….

Once the color has all been added it’s time to fold the paper up and see the magic of the agamograph. Trim all the excess paper, leaving just the printed, colored portion.

Fold the paper on the vertical lines in an accordion fold, back and forth, back and forth. The straighter and more precise these fold are the more your images will really shine so take your time with this step!

Step back and move your colored and folded agamograph from side to side to see the two images. Hang them up and everyone that walks by will be able to see the images “pop!”

Two different printable agamograph designs are fun to color and fold!

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Two different printable agamograph designs are fun to color and fold!

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