This printable Mother’s Day book is made from a single piece of paper and is a great way to share some sweet memories with mom.

Printable Mother’s Day book….

This printable Mother’s Day book prints on a single piece of paper. There are spots for recording all kinds of sweet memories with mom. Color, draw, and write while the paper is flat. Here are some of the prompts you’ll see..

  • Drawing/photo of mom
  • I like it when Mom lets me…
  • My mom is happy when…
  • Things my mom and I like to do together…
  • My mom is the best because…
  • My mom is good at…

All you’ll need for this printable Mother’s Day craft is a way to write and draw. Fine tip markers, colored pencils, or crayons are perfect for this. You’ll also need to grab a pair of scissors! That’s it!

This printable Mother's Day book is a great DIY gift for mom.

How to assemble this printable Mother’s Day memory book…

This book prints on a single print of paper but comes together to be an eight page book. The directions for folding are as follows…

  1. Fold in half the “hamburger” way.
  2. Fold in half again so you have a long skinny paper, dived into quarters.
  3. Open the last fold back up so the paper is folded in half.
  4. Fold in half the opposite direction.
  5. Cut from the fold, on the fold, to the center crease.
  6. Open, fold again lengthwise, and accordion fold into a book.

Are you a visual learner?

If you want to see the steps for this folded book in action check out this post! The book in this post is more general- perfect for adapting to any subject or occasion!

Choose from pics or a free video lesson on just how to fold this book. It’s simple, I promise!

Share memories with mom with this printable Mother's Day craft.

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This printable Mother's Day memory book makes a sweet DIY Mother's Day gift.

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