These printable gingerbread man templates are yours print, color, and display this holiday season!

Free printable gingerbread man templates…

These printable gingerbread boys and girls are the simplest gingerbread craft you’ll do all year. Print these (for free) and decorate them anyway you like! These gingerbread man templates are totally blank and ready for your kiddos to add their own detail and personality!

Here’s some ideas for materials…

  • markers
  • crayons
  • puffy paint
  • collage with magazine pages or up-cycled holiday cards
  • fabric scraps
  • watercolor paints
  • stickers

Decorate the printable gingerbread boys and girls before cutting them out. It’ll be easier, I promise!

Stand your gingerbread man up…

After all the drawing and decorating is done it’s time to cut your gingerbread people out. This is so, so much easier than cookie dough.

Simply cit along all the edges, including the rectangular band at the bottom of the gingerbread template if you’d like the figure to stand up on it’s own. If you want just the gingerbread man feel free to cut the rectangle off and just use the cookie shape.

Loop the rectangle at the bottom around to meet behind your gingerbread man and secure with tape. This creates a base that will allow your gingerbread cookie person to stand up their own.

These printable gingerbread men and gingerbread women create an adorable display!

Do you want this printable gingerbread man for your home or classroom…

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