Experience the tie dye process the easy way using paper towels and food coloring to create vibrant paper towel tie dye designs!

Supplies for paper towel tie dye….

Tie dye anything is always a hit at my house. I’ve got the set up/clean up routine down to a science but some days are just not “the day” for playing with permanent dye. I know you understand.

This paper towel dye process gives your kids the chance to play with creating different tie dye designs in crazy vibrant colors on a smaller scale using materials you already have in your kitchen!

Here’s what you’ll need….

  • paper towels, preferably without pattern
  • liquid food coloring, dilute with water
  • cups or containers to distribute food coloring, one cup per color
  • newspaper or plastic to protect work surface
  • tongs or gloves to protect hands
Use paper towels for this easy tie dye using food coloring.

Folding your paper towels to prepare for tie dye….

You can fold your paper towel to create any design you could create in fabric. Take a look at this post for a list of easy ways to fold, twist, and tie your fabric/ paper towel for super unique designs.

There really is no wrong way to fold your towel. Any direction you fold it will result in a bright, graphic design.

Create super bright tie dye using food coloring on paper towels!

Tie dying your paper towels…

Prepare your dye by dropping a few drops of food coloring in half of cup of water. More food coloring results in a brighter color. Less food coloring creates a more pastel look.

Use tongs to protect your hands from the food coloring dip corners into the dye. Allowing the paper towel to sit in the dye will allow more saturation and the color will quickly spread up the paper towel.

Dye as much or as little of each paper towel as you choose. When done set aside and let dry before unfolding. Depending on how wet they are it may be overnight before they are dry enough to unfold.

Practice your tie dye designs the easy way using food coloring to tie dye paper towels!

Displaying your paper towel tie dye…

When dry and unfolded these tie dyed paper towels are so bright and pretty. Touch them up with a cool iron if you want them to lay completely flat. They make a great display mounted together!

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Paper towel tie dye designs are easy using food coloring instead of dye!

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