This paper Easter egg wreath is an easy Easter craft that comes together with just a few simple folds and cuts.

Supplies for making your own Easter egg wreath…

The beauty of this Easter craft is it doesn’t take much more in the way of supplies than handing out a coloring sheet and some markers. It’s that simple.

All you’ll need is paper. Plain white copy weight paper is perfect.

You’ll need a pencil and scissors and some way to add color. We used marker but you could use crayons, colored pencil, or whatever strikes your fancy! That’s it, the complete supply list!

Make this paper Easter egg wreath with a few simple cuts and folds.

Folding your Easter egg wreath….

You’ll need to start with a circle. Larger paper will make this folding and cutting process easier but any size will work. The wreath in the picture is cut from a plate traced onto a 12 x 18 piece of paper.

Fold circle into half, then quarters, then one more time into eighths. The folded circle should look like a piece of pie.

This paper Easter egg wreath is a great place to practice creating a variety of patterns.

Drawing the egg shape….

On each straight folded edge draw a half of an egg shape. The middle of the egg should rest on the folded edge of the pie shaped paper. The outer edge of the two half egg shapes should touch. This connection keeps the egg wreath from falling into pieces when the paper is unfolded.

Cutting the Easter egg wreath…

Cut away all of the excess paper around the egg shapes. Be careful to keep the connection between the two eggs so that your wreath stays together!

This colorful paper Easter egg wreath is an easy Easter craft for kids.

Decorating your paper Easter egg wreath…

Now for the fun! Now that your paper wreath is unfolded you should see a circle that consists of 8 Easter egg shapes. Depending on how much your two egg shapes touched they may appear to be overlapping in places. Grab a marker and add some lines to define which egg is “in front.”

This is a great opportunity to talk about creating pattern. Giving each Easter egg it’s own unique pattern creates a sweet traditional look.

Add color in any way you and your little artists would like. Crayons and markers are simple and provide vibrant color!

This colorful paper Easter egg wreath is a fun and easy Easter craft.

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