Whip up a batch of these paper doily flowers filled with beautiful texture, thanks to the lace doily, and color thanks to watercolor paints!

Materials to make doily flowers…..

The materials list is simple. Most importantly you’ll need paper doilies. Any size will work depending on how large you’d like the finished flowers to be. We used small-ish four inch doilies like these.

If your end goal is white flowers you can use the doilies as is. We used watercolor paints to add a wash of color or you can also purchase colored doilies if you want to skip the painting step.

In order to make the stems you will need pipe cleaners and tape. We used this green masking tape but use what you have!

To make paper doily flowers you'll need doilies, watercolor paints, tape, and pipe cleaners!

Adding color to your paper doily flowers….

Spread out some old paper or something to protect your table. Prepare your watercolor paints, water, and soft brushes and set your little artists free.

This part should be loose and easy and fun. Add color to BOTH sides of each doily. Those are the only directions!

Set these aside to dry as they will be fragile when wet!

Grab a paper doily and paint away to get started on making paper doily flowers!

Making the paper doily into a flower…

Grab a pair of scissors. Cut from the edge of the doily to about one inch from the center. Do this all the way around the doily.

The more cuts are made the frillier the flower will be. However, it will also be more fragile. Depending on the age and scissor skills of your kiddos encourage them to do what works for them!

Paper doily flowers are easy to make and are fun for any occasion!

Adding the stem to your doily flower….

Adding a stem is simple! Loosely fold the doily in half and make a tiny snip with scissors. Poke the pipe cleaner up through the hole.

Loosely gather the doily up around the pipe cleaner and secure with a bit of tape. We used green tape and wrapped the entire pipe cleaner.

These look so pretty on their own or in a larger bouquet. The lacy doily adds so much texture and interest to these simple paper flowers!

Follow along with the video tutorial above for a hands on look at these easy doily flowers!

These paper doily flowers are lacy and colorful and such an easy paper flower craft!

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