Painting on snow with watercolor paints is a great process art activity for winter.

Supply list for painting on snow….

The supplies for this snow art are so simple. Let your kids help you gather the supplies before bundling up to go out!

You’ll need snowy weather for this snow painting. Obviously, right? we painted on snow that had been down for a few days. The snow had been walked on and trampled and was icy in places. The combination of snow and ice created even more variety in the process!

You’ll also need some kind of color. Pictured below are non diluted liquid watercolors, like these. Liquid watercolors provide super vibrant colors. They also can be a little pricier than traditional dry cake watercolors. You could also use liquid food coloring. Use what you have!

You’ll need a bowl of water, or even melted snow, and a few brushes. I like a combination of large and small brushes, maybe even some pipettes!

Painting on snow with watercolor paints os a great process art activity for winter.

Painting the snow…

Painting the snow is an experience. There are no step one, step two, step three directions for this activity. It’s loosely structured with you, as the adult, providing just a few simple materials and turning your young artists loose.

Encourage them to paint, drip, smear, and smoosh to deposit the color onto the snow. Experiment with moving the colored snow around and mix color in that way too!

Snow art is the perfect winter art experience.

Add ins for snow painting….

Check out some fun add ins for your outdoor painting experience!

  • pipettes
  • cookie cutters
  • plastic rolling pin
  • comb
  • fork/spoon
  • tree branch
  • plastic animals
  • squirt bottles with diluted paint or water
Painting on snow with watercolors is a great sensory art experience for winter time!

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