Spiderwebs are one of nature’s masterpiece.  Make your own spiderweb craft using twigs and yarn!

Materials to make your own spiderweb….

Head outside and gather a handful of small-ish twigs. Anything your kiddos find pleasing will work. You could even use short length of dowel rod if you prefer. Three sticks per spiderweb is what is used in the pics below. Although, you could create a much more intricate

You’ll need a glue gun to attach the sticks together.  Grab a low temp glue gun like this one.  Even younger kids can master these with a bit of assistance.

You’ll also need some yarn. Again, anything you like will work here.  I would recommend staying away from anything slippery.  No one wants to deal with silky yarn sliding up and down the spiderweb structure!

Hot glue twigs to create the structure for a twig spiderweb.

Securing twigs to make your spiderweb structure….

Each spiderweb featured in these pics uses three sticks.  The sticks should be generally the same length . Starts by crossing two sticks, like a x.  Add a little hot glue to the spot they crisscross.  Wait for that to cool before adding the third stick and gluing it as well.

If you wanted to create a larger or more intricate spiderweb you can use more than three sticks to create the spiderweb structure.

Use colorful yarn and twigs for this spiderweb craft

Start weaving your yarn spiderweb…

Start near the center of the spiderweb.  Tie one end of the yarn in a knot around a twig. From there loop to the next twig and loop it around that twig before continuing the next twig in the line and doing the same.

Keep going from twig to twig while holding some tension. If your young artist struggles to hold that tension don’t be afraid to put a dot of glue every now and then where the yarn loops around the twig.

Continue doing this till you’ve woven all the way to the edges of the twig spiderweb.

These are so cute tucked into the corner of a window pane or on a shelf.

Use colorful yarn and twigs to create the this spiderweb craft

More colorful spiderweb crafts….

Use glue and permanent markers to create a colorful stained glass inspired spiderweb.

Watercolor and glue combine for a colorful spiderweb resist painting.

Use a few tips and folds as you learn how to draw your own spiderwebs!

Use colorful yarn and twigs as you learn how to make this spiderweb craft.

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