Homeschool mamas have a lot of things on their “to teach” list.  It’s easy to let the extras, like home school art, slide because they seem, well, less than necessary.

I could wax on and provide research that says that the arts are both necessary and beneficial.  But, I’m guessing you pretty much already guessed that.  And mostly, the arts are a great way to have fun with your kids!

Teaching home school art is easy!  

Teaching home school art is easy for me.  I have more ideas than I have hours in the day.  Mess doesn’t bother me.  Teaching art is MY thing.  (Check out my home school art tab here!)  But, ask me to make an Excel spread sheet or lead a music class and I’m a goner.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  Sharing what we do well is what makes this home school community so amazing.  Here’s how other homeschool mamas handle this home school art thing; whether they are artsy or not!

Unless teaching art just isn’t you thing……

Have fun, get messy, make something.  If art isn’t especially your thing then this is the perfect opportunity to learn alongside your kiddos and show them that the learning never stops!

Check out how these moms make home school art happen in their home!

Art History for Kids provides a phenomenal amount of resources at your fingertips.  Three Ways to Seamlessly Integrate Art History into Your Homeschool Curriculum provides three ways to start studying art; chronologically, artist study, or a unit based study.   If you’re looking for more of a hands on experience here are 10 No Prep Art Ideas You Can Start in Less Than Five Minutes to supply you with some inspiration to get started!

I think Emily at Table Life Blog must be my spirit animal.  If she writes it I wanna read it.  Everything this lady writes I pin for later because, well, she’s funny, and real, and I wish she lived next door.  Even though Emily doesn’t claim to be an artist her kiddos get a great art education.  This post tells how she builds an art education that revolves around taking advantage of some amazing resources, both books and online and DVD options!

“I like to make art easy!  If it’s easy, we’ll do more of it!”-Caitlin

Caitlin at My Little Poppies shows how to use games to include both art and music.  These games range from the art history genre to  more doodle-y and fun.  (If you guys like playing family games you gotta check this blog out.  Lots of inspiration over there!)  I also love this post on easy outdoor art.  It’s perfect for this time of year and plein air art with awesome little  easels is something really special!

Colleen at Encouraging Lifelong Learners  suggests and Easy Art Appreciation through a book series that is a new one to me!  Colleen also introduced me to the Art In History company through Hands on Art History- Discovery Through Creativity.  I love that Colleen is working to fill the needs of more than one unique child and their learning style with these projects and books.  After all, aren’t most of us doing that same thing?

If you have a gifted learner at home the two blogs above are must visits.  They will encourage you, inspire you, and make you feel normal.  Go now.

Take advantage of all the amazing resources available!

Gina at Oaxacaborn  shares a super informative and ever so pretty post about Why Henri Rousseau Matters in Art Education. This post is a stand alone resource for anyone wanting to teach either art history or studio art inspired by Henri Rousseau.  There is biographical information as well as a printable mini biography with information appropriate to the elementary crowd.  The emphasis on creativity and individuality will make even the most creatively challenged mama want to join in!

Erica at Enrichment Studies provides a huge variety of resources for homeschooling mamas that want to add a little home school art into their routine without any prep work.  there are fine art pages, artist studies, Bible art, and some fun hands on activities such as  Eight Awesome Handprint Art Projects To Do With Your Kids.  Some of these resources are paid but there are plenty of freebies to check out as well!

Homeschool mamas have a lot of things on their "to teach" list.It's easy to let the extras like home school art slide because they seem less than necessary.

Happy Family Art Blog gives tons of hands on project ideas in a variety of media as well as some art history background.  Mariya is an artist herself which makes for an interesting perspective.

Samantha at Creative, Clever, and Classy has a super unique perspective on this homeschool deal.  She’s not a homeschool mom but a former home school student herself.  She shares “Thirty Ways to Teach Art Without a Textbook.”  From Netflix to books this is a well rounded list of resources.  A mama could easily make a year long curriculum from this list right here! (And it’s fun to hear from an adult who has been homeschooled!)

What if I’m not an artist myself….

Tonia at Happy Homeschool Nest has some great ideas on how to provide a rich art education for your child even if you’re not an artist yourself.  From online art lessons,  resource suggestions for creating your own year long curriculum,  and more specific ideas like this post about mixing shades and tints and applying it to the work of Renoir. 

Tina at Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus blog shares some amazing free notebooking page resources.  These are broken down into grade levels and artists.  I myself have used some of these resources for my left brained kid that just doesn’t love creating.  We focus on the art history/art appreciation side of home school art and it seems to work well.  She also has some information on video based visual arts learning which can be a real lifesaver for the mom that just doesn’t have the time or desire to create their on lessons!

Kris over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers shares Homeschool Resources for the Art Challenged.  She shares a variety of resources that are available for homeschool teachers and students to take advantage of.  Most are free, some are paid, all are worth a second look!

(Side note; this is one of the first homeschool blogs I ever followed.  The name drew me in and the humor brings me back.  Love.)

Go where art is!

Homeschooling Today suggests “Go Where the Art Is.”  Sometimes us home school moms like to think and research things to the point that they seem way bigger and scarier than they really are.  (Okay, hopefully, it’s not just me!)  But, what a profoundly simple idea!  Go see art.  Drive to the local museum or art center and take advantage of the knowledge of their docents and volunteers.  Talk about art.  Look at art.  Easy.  Genius.

Beware of “art like activities.”

Jen over at Practical By Default shares this post titled “How to Teach Art to A Curious Teen (When You Know Nothing About Art!)”  The thing I love the most about Jen’s explanation is her distinction between “art like activities” and allowing her kids room for real creative exploration and expression.  The first in easy.  There are many craft recipes and directions to follow on Pinterest.  The latter is a little tougher to nail down and know when you’re doing it “right.”  Check out how Jen gave her daughter room to grow as an artist!

Take advantage of the unique opportunities homeschool offers to connect the visual arts to other subjects.  Ginny at Not So Formulaic shares an idea about merging art and poetry in her post Write Poetry with Photograffiti; Language as a Visual Art.  Love this!  Pulling from a variety of subjects, delving deeply, and making connections; that’s meaningful stuff.  And as homeschoolers we are perfectly poised to take advantage of the possibilities!

Lexi at Lextin Eclectic doesn’t present a specific curriculum, project or series.  She presents Why I Let My Kids Do Their Own Art Projects and let me tell you something; she is spot on.  Kids need space to create, materials to use up freely, and a the confidence to know there is no magic “right answer” in art.  Let them make, encourage the process.  Especially for the younger crowd that is absolutely all they need.  Let them play.  Enjoy the making.

Teaching homeschool art doesn’t have to take weeks, hours, or months….

Teaching art doesn’t have to mean diving into an intensive year long course.  Jenn at This Chaotic Bliss shows how they used this short Mixed Media Workshop as a way to bring some art into their days.  Easy and looks equally fun for the adults in the family!

The Hifalutin Homeschoolers share an impromptu art lesson with chalk and rain.  Can I tell you why I love this idea so much?  First it’s super messy which at my house translates to fun.  It’s not about results, it’s about the doing.  And it’s the prefect example of the fact that encouraging creativity and artistry in your kiddos doesn’t require some massive plan.  This post isn’t about a curriculum.  It’s about an experience, a memory.  Just make.

(As a side note Jennifer is hilarious.  Even if you never plan to so much as pop open a box of crayons check out her blog.  It will make you feel normal.  And snort.)

Amy from Amy’s Wandering uses a “Theme of the Day.”  Monday is art day in her homeschool and she shares some free links that are great resources for ideas and direction!

Homeschool mamas have a lot of things on their "to teach" list.It's easy to let the extras like home school art slide because they seem less than necessary.

Share this list and let me know what your favorite resource is for home school art inspiration!  I will be updating this list periodically and might wanna add yours to my list!

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