Slime.  Is that a dirty word at your house?  It doesn’t have to be!  Try this easy four ingredient Elmer’s glue slime for a super sensory activity!

Is making slime a thing at your house?

People have strong opinions about making slime at home.  But, really, you guys, it’s so fun. It’s mesmerizing.

 This Elmer’s glue slime take just four ingredients.  It comes together all in one bowl and it is just so darn fun to play with.

If you happen to be home for days on end this super easy slime recipe is a totally fun afternoon activity that your kids will come back to over and over!

Elmer's glue slime, how to make slime at home with easy slime recipe

Making activator for homemade slime…

Before we start the slime itself you’re going to mix up a simple mixture called an activator. Imagine that the slime activator is what binds everything together and makes a cohesive slime instead of a sticky mess.

Activator can be made from different things; detergent, contact lens solution, Borax, liquid starch, or even baking soda.  Like anything, their are advantages and disadvantages to anything you choose.  This slime recipe uses the most basic of the activators- Borax.  Borax is a white powder that can be bought in the laundry aisle of most stores.  Borax does need to be used with some caution, especially with very young kids.

Mix one cup warm water with 1/2 teaspoon Borax.  Have an adult mix the Borax to prevent inhaling it while in the powdered form.  This will be waaaayyy more activator than you need for one batch of slime.  I recommend storing in a labeled squeeze bottle for future slime recipes or to add a bit more to your slime another day!  Little bottles like this are perfect!

Elmer's glue slime, how to make slime at home with easy slime recipe

Elmer’s glue slime recipe…

So, your activator is mixed up.  Next, mix one half a cup glue, one tablespoon lotion, and a bit your choice of food coloring. Mix it up- let little hands help with these measuring and stirring steps.  It’s fun!

We buy Elmer’s glue in these gallon jugs.  It’s so much more affordable than picking up a smaller bottle at the store.

Add activator a tablespoon or so at a time, stirring between.  Six tablespoons made an amazing slime for us but this measurement can waver a little either way!

Elmer's glue slime, easy slime recipe

Make slime with me…

Follow along with the video below as my daughter and I make slime together!

Playing with homemade Elmer’s glue slime…

When the right amount of activator has been added the slime will stop being sticky.  Too much activator and the slime will stop being as stretchy and begin to be more solid and tear into pieces.  Adding that activator slowly is key! Don’t start mixing with hands (clean hands) until the activator has done it’s job and the slime begins to ball up.

One it’s just right it is a beautiful thing to watch it stretch and swirl and bubble. My kitchen has been a non stop slime shop for the past three years or so and it still entertains me!

If the mess worries work on a predefined surface- within the bowl you mixed in, on a plastic tablecloth, a cookie sheet, or one of these silicone mess mats like you see in my pics!  This is always rolled up in our craft cabinet for any messy activities!

purple stretchy slime, Elmer's glue slime recipe

Keeping your homemade slime fresh…

When your slime has been made and your kids are all played out put it way in an airtight container.  A recycled, clean sour cream container or a deli container works great!

If your slime begins to get sticky or lost it’s consistency just add a splash more of that activator you mixed up and it’s elasticity will return!  Be sure to play with slime with clean hands to keep the slime itself clean. Keep adding activator as needed and your slime should last up to a couple weeks!

Elmer's glue slime, how to make slime at home with easy slime recipe

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