This easy cloud dough recipe requires only two ingredients-cornstarch and hair conditioner. It’s such an easy recipe that your kiddos can measure and mix it up themselves!

Why learn how to make your own cloud dough….

This homemade cloud dough recipe requires only two ingredients- corn starch and hair conditioner. With such limited ingredients it is very easy to make homemade play dough that is allergy friendly and gluten free.

Always check the ingredients of the hair conditioner to be sure they’re appropriate for your family. While this recipe is meant to be non toxic and child friendly it is not meant to be eaten. Young children may require supervision to keep it out of their mouth- especially because this homemade cloud dough will smell so good!

This DIY cloud dough requires no cooking, no baking, or other special prep. Your cloud dough will be ready to play with within minutes with this easy recipe!

Easy homemade cloud dough recipe that requires only cornstarch and hair conditioner.

How to make your own cloud dough…..

If there was ever an easy recipe perfect for kids to measure and mix up themselves this easy cloud dough recipe is it. It requires only two ingredients- cornstarch and hair conditioner. Color can be added with food coloring but this ingredient is optional.

Both ingredients for this homemade cloud dough can be found at the dollar store or any grocery store. The fact that they’re inexpensive and so easy to find means that this DIY craft recipe is a great place to let kids take over. A tablespoon of cornstarch lost won’t be a tragedy.

Get out the measuring cups, a spatula, and a “larger than you think you need” mixing bowl and step aside. I suggest laying out some old newspaper or one of the silicone “mess mats” you see pictured here. They’re the perfect place to mix up your own cloud dough. When you’re done just toss the leftovers in the trash and rinse the mat off!

Homemade cloud dough is soft, gluten free play dough that requires no cooking or baking.

DIY cloud dough recipe….

This easy cloud dough recipe is so easy it’s barely even a recipe. Rather than give you exact amounts I want to share a ratio of ingredients that will make it possible for you to make a batch of homemade cloud dough any size. Smaller batches are easier for little hands to mix up.

-2 parts cornstarch -found in the baking aisle

-1 part hair conditioner – any inexpensive brand that you enjoy the scent, or unscented

-a few drops of liquid food coloring of your choice

This 2 to 1 ratio means that if you use a cup of cornstarch you should add a half cup of conditioner. If you use two cups of cornstarch you should use one cup of conditioner, and so on.

Homemade cloud dough is the perfect sensory art experience.

Mixing up your cloud dough….

This cornstarch dough is quite forgiving. Combine the cloud dough ingredients and mix. No sifting, or particular order is necessary here.

Encourage your kids to slow down and use their senses to enjoy playing with this cloud dough.

Storing your homemade cloud dough….

Homemade cloud dough is easy to store. Wrap it up in plastic wrap or a plastic bag, squeezing out the extra air as you go.

It will store nicely for a week or so. If you cloud dough feels dry when you get it out simply add a small amount of conditioner.

Three ingredient easy DIY cloud dough recipe is perfect for mixing up at home.

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