Drawing a rose step by step is easy with these simple Instructions! Grab your markers and let’s draw!

Materials for drawing a rose…

To follow along with these directions for learning how to draw a simple rose you’ll need a few basic art supplies- washable markers in two colors, paper, and a paintbrush with water. That’s it.

Could you use this same step by step rose drawing instructions with just pencil? Absolutely! Follow along with all the same steps knowing your drawing will be a little less colorful- totally fine!

Drawing a rose step by step is easy with these simple steps.

Step one of how to draw a rose….

All of these steps will be done with marker. This rose drawing is simple enough that no “pre- drawing” is necessary. Encourage your kids to dive right in with markers.

This rose drawing starts with a spiral shape. Imagine that you’re looking at the top of the rose flower, but from the side. The top surface of the rose is a circle but appears as an ellipse.

Draw a spiral shape that’s been stretched out to create an ellipse. It can be perfect and curvy or wavy and a little more organic!

Drawing a rose step by step is easy with these simple steps.

Step two of your simple rose drawing….

Close your rose flower up by connecting the edges of the ellipse with rounded lines that meet under the spiral.

Step three of learning how to draw a rose…

Connect each edge of spiral down to the line in front of it. This series of rounded vertical lines creates the effect of petals curving around each other.

Take this time to trace over the marker lines of your rose drawing. Neaten up any edges. Lines of varying thicknesses can add interest to an art work.

Remember it’s fine to leave some white space in your rose drawing. The final step of this rose drawing will use water to “move” some of the color from the markers around!

A few easy steps and two markers are all you need to learn how to draw a rose for beginners.

Adding greenery to your simple rose drawing….

Every rose has small green leaves called sepals surrounding the base of the flower. Add these by using a marker to add three or four long skinny triangle under the rose bloom.

Add a long stem, as much as you have room for, with several smaller bits of stem branching off the main stem. Closer to the stem will be thicker, sturdier part of the stem. As the branches move away from the main stem they’ll get skinnier and skinnier.

Learn how to draw a rose for beginners with this easy step by step tutorial!

Let’s draw rose leaves….

Allow a portion of each rose “stem” branching off the main steam to become the midrib of a rose leaf.

Draw a half of a rose leaf on each side of a portion of the stems. Rose leaves have jagged edges so keep that mind as you draw! Nothing has to be perfect- just enjoy the drawing process!

This step by step rose drawing tutorial takes only a few minutes and just two markers!

You’ve finished drawing a rose step by step, now let’s play with color!

You could stop here and have a sweet and colorful rose. But there is a reason I suggested using washable markers!

When water is added to lines drawn with washable markers the color begins to move with the water, much like watercolor paint. It’s like painting without the mess of paint!

To maintain the shape of your rose you’ll want to keep the water on the “inside” lines. Use the water to spread the color to fill the white space or just create pretty blurred lines!

Learn how to draw a rose for beginners with this simple marker drawing exercise.

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