Play dough is a classic first art material.  This two ingredient edible play dough improves on the classic simply because it is homemade!  And let’s face it store bough play dough already gets stuck in every crevice of your kitchen floor.  If things are gonna get a little messy anyways your kids might as well make a memory along the way!

We’ve done lots of recipes for flubber, putty, slime, and play dough at my house.  This one for two ingredient edible play dough is a favorite that we have made over and over.

Two ingredients, that’s it.

All you need is store bought frosting  (the kind that comes in a can) and powdered sugar.  And are you ready for this super technical recipe……

Start with a “scoop” of frosting and add an “about equal scoop” of powdered sugar.  This is where I passed out large tongue depressor sticks and let my kids start mixing.

This edible play dough recipe isn’t exact and that’s part of the fun!

Give your kids measuring utensils set them free.  The consistency can always be adjusted by adding more frosting or more sugar.

It seems as if this dough would be impossibly sticky.  It does start out that way but when the frosting has soaked up all the powder sugar the stickiness goes away and you’re left with a soft, pliable ball of dough.  If it’s sticky, keep adding powdered sugar. (Seems counterintuitive, I know.)

It’s edible play dough~ get your hands in there!

We've done lots of recipes for putty, slime, & dough at my house.  This DIY recipe for two ingredient edible play dough is a favorite!

When the play dough starts to lose it’s stickiness and maybe even look a little crumbly it’s done. Let  your little people to abandon their spoons and get their hands in there!  Let them squeeze, squish, and smoosh to their hearts delight.

This is a fun place for kiddos to explore the idea of texture.  Use kitchen utensils like forks, skewers, & rolling pins to really stretch this as a sensory activity.  (Check out this post on texture to see how I introduce the element of texture to my kiddos!)

This play dough has a great texture and holds it’s shape well.  Getting “perfect play dough” isn’t really the point though.  You can purchase that anywhere.

Teaching kids that everyday materials are part of the art making process is the big idea here!

We have used this edible play dough for several weeks when kept in a sealed container in the fridge.  (It may or may not grow furry when kept at room temperature for too long!  Don’t ask me how I know.)


We've done lots of recipes for putty, slime, & dough at my house.  This DIY recipe for two ingredient edible play dough is a favorite!

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