These cut paper coffee filter spiderwebs are easy to make as colorful as you want!  They’re a not so spooky spiderweb craft!

Materials to make cut paper spiderwebs…

These spiderwebs are made from bleached coffee filters.  The thin coffee filter paper is perfect for folding and cutting through multiple layers. It’s also great for adding a touch of diffused color with washable markers.

You’ll also need scissors and a small spray bottle of water.  If you don’t have that just grab a soft paintbrush and a bowl of water! That’s it!

Colorful coffee paper spiderwebs get their color from washable markers.

Let’s start drawing a spiderweb….

Start by folding the coffee filter in half, in half again, in half again. One eighth of the coffee filter will be visible at this time.

Grab a thick tipped washable marker, any color.  I like combining bright. cheery colors with something normally seen in a darker, spooky theme. Use any colors you like!

One the side of the triangle that is folded draw a thick line of marker from the point out the edge.  From that colored edge draw a series of lines from the line to the more open edge of the folded triangle.  These lines can be fat or thin, curved or straight.  The important thing is that they start on that fat edge and continue off the other side.

Colorful coffee paper spiderwebs get their color from washable markers.

Cutting paper spiderwebs…

The beauty of these colored lines isn’t just that they add a fun pop of color.  They also create a perfect outline of where to cut, and not, to make the perfect spiderweb!

Attempt to squeeze all the layers of the coffee filter together and cut at the same time. The idea is to cut away the white coffee filter, leaving only the drawn stripes. If the stripes are super skinny you can leave some white remaining- it will absorb some color in the next step!

Just add water…

While the coffee filter is still folded it’s time to introduce some water.  Lay coffee filters on a few layers of scrap paper or newsprint. Use a spray bottle to spray some clean water on the coffee filter and watch the lines of marker color spread and diffuse.

If you don’t have a spray bottle just grab a paintbrush and a small bowl of water and dab some water straight onto the coffee filter for the same effect.

Leave the damp coffee filter folded until dry.  When dry use small loops of tape to hang in windows, doorways or anywhere that needs a little spooky cheer!

Colorful coffee paper spiderwebs get their color from washable markers.

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Colorful coffee paper spiderwebs get their color from washable markers.

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