Check out six sweet Christmas tree crafts that your kids can make from materials

Christmas tree crafts for kids…

If it were up to me we’d put our Christmas tree up in November. As of now we still traipse out to the local Christmas tree farm and cut down a fresh tree so that’s not possible.

But, we can absolutely start thinking about holiday crafting and these Christmas tree crafts are the perfect place to start. These Christmas tree inspired crafts use everyday materials you already have so there’s no excuse not to dive right in!

Christmas tree drawing, coffee filter Christmas tree, and a paper plate Christmas tree made with a paper plates

Paint a Christmas tree, with markers…..

This fun Christmas tree drawing tutorial starts with permanent marker and adds color with washable markers. Washable markers turn paint-like when a bit if water is added!

Coffee filter Christmas tree craft…

You won’t believe this ruffle-y Christmas tress are made from coffee filters and paper plates. And get their color from just washable markers!

Tissue paper Christmas tree…

This Christmas tree craft starts with a base made from a paper plate. Then, the tree gets its color from tissue paper that’s painted on with water. The tissue paper falls off leaving behind a rainbow of color!

pine tree painting tutorial, Christmas tree luminary, and woven Christmas tree craft

Paint a watercolor Christmas tree painting…

Walk through this watercolor tutorial in a step by step video tutorial. It’s free and embedded right into the post!

These little paintings would make amazing personalized Christmas card illustrations!

A woven Christmas tree craft is the perfect way to practice some basic weaving skills as well as create a festive finished product. If you make these out of watercolor paper they’ll stand up when they’re done.

Christmas tree luminaries….

This tiny Christmas tree craft start out with two free printable Christmas tree templates. Cut, fold, and they’re ready to fill with a tiny electric tea lights.

These paper Christmas trees look great on a mantle or table. Or, add a string and hang these on the Christmas tree- so cute!

Christmas tree collage, Christmas lacing ornament, up-cycled Christmas tree craft

Lace Christmas trees…

This winter collage starts with watercolor techniques on paper and adds in trees made of doilies. This is multi media winter art at it’s best!

Christmas lacing ornaments…

Six different paper ornament templates are ready to print, cut, and lace with your favorite yarn or twine. These paper ornaments are great for fine motor skills and look so pretty on a tree!

Winter watercolor collage…

Explore the world of mixed media with this fun winter collage.

Up-cycled Christmas tree crafts…

Use kid’s old artwork, or make new, to make these easy paper Christmas trees. These make super sweet Christmas cards!

Clothespin Christmas tree craft….

Use clothespins and scraps of painted and/or decorative paper to make these sweet paper Christmas trees that stand up on their own!

This Christmas tree craft is so simple and a great little ornament/ decoration for kids to share!

Christmas tree garland….

Use the clothespin Christmas trees to create your own super simple paper Christmas tree garland!

collection of Christmas tree crafts for kids

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