Three different Chinese dragon inspired windsock printables are a fun and easy way to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Dragons and the Chinese New Year…

These dragons are inspired by the dragon imagery of the Chinese New Year. Dragons are an important part of the Chinese New Year celebration. They’re one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs as well as being thought to be good luck!

Check out this post for a list of amazing children’s books about the Chinese New Year and a free printable to find out what your students are learning!

Three original Chinese dragon windsock templates….

Three different dragon windsocks are each sized to print on standard 8.5 x 11 paper. Print on card stock for a sturdier final product.

Here’s everything you need to make these dragon windsocks..

  • printed dragon windsock templates
  • scissors
  • tape
  • color- markers, crayons, and colored pencils are all great choices
  • optional- crepe paper or homemade streamers
three original Chinese dragon windsock templates to color

Add color to your dragon windsock…

We chose to add color using markers. The colors are vibrant and bright and the clean up is easy! Use whatever you have handy that inspires you!

When coloring is complete cut your dragon windsock out on the lines provided.

Add streamers to your windsock….

Adding streamers or tails to your windsock is totally optional but I do think it makes them look very celebratory and beautiful.

We used simple crepe paper streamers like these. Flip the printable windsock template over. Tape lengths of streamers to the bottom edge of the dragon, near the mouth. Tape them on the inside so the outside of the windsock remains clean!

No crepe paper streamers? No problem! Make your own version by cutting thin strips of tissue paper and taping to the inside of the windsock! The effect will be just the same!

Assemble your dragon windsock…

Once all your color and embellishments have been added it’s time to roll the printable dragon template into a tube shape.

Gently bring the two edges together and secure with tape. Your dragon windsock is ready to display! Enjoy!

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Chinese dragon windsock craft from three original free templates

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