DO your kids love to play online?

I want to encourage your kids to be online creators rather than just consumers!

Spending time online doesn’t have to be mindless- it can be creative and inspiring!

I want to share a simple (and FREE) online tool that I use to design everything for my own website- it’s Canva!

I'll teach your kiddo three easy skills...

In three easy lessons I’ll teach your kids how to use text boxes, shape elements and photos in their designs.

These super simple ideas come together to allow your kids unlimited design potential!

Here's what your kids will make....

Your kiddo and I will walk through five design “challenges together. This challenges are meant as a way for your kids to practice the elements they just learned and to discover the many applications of those simple elements!

They’ll  learn some tips, tricks, and extras along the way as well as make some fun stuff they’ll be so proud of!

Who is this course for....

Anyone can learn!

This course is a perfect introduction to the word of digital design for any elementary or middle school student. 

This is not an extensive graphic design course but rather a quick start guide for the kid who wants to start designing today!

the materials list is slim.....

All your child needs to participate in this course is a computer (either a MAC or a PC) and a solid internet connection! That’s it!

We’ll be designing using a website called Canva. That means no heavy downloads for your computer- there’s nothing to install!

Canva offers both free and paid memberships.  Your child will have more than enough options with the free version.  I’ll even walk you through signing up!

Plus… there’s no set up and no mess to clean up at the end of class!