These DIY pennant flags each feature a single word and are a fun and and easy way to make a flag with a message.

Materials to make a flag from paper….

The materials needed for these DIY pennant flags is pennant flags are so simple. Here’s what you should gather up…

  • paper- an assortment of colored paper- at least two contrasting colors per flag
  • glue- either white school glue or a glue stick
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler

These paper flags were inspired by some felt flags I recently made. Same exact process, but different materials. They turned out really adorable so feel free to experiment with materials!

Make a flag from paper that features a single special word with these simple directions.

How to measure out the shape of your paper pennant flag….

This flag can be any size you choose. Here I started with 8.5 x 11 copy weight paper. I love the colors in these Astro-bright collections. Start with two pieces the same size, different colors.

Measure the halfway point of one of the short sides. Connect the two furthest corners using a ruler. Cut this triangle shape out. Do the same for the second triangle but trim an extra 1/2″ or so off all the way around. You can measure this but there’s no reason this step must be exact.

Pick a special word and illustrate it with this simple flag pennant sign.

Choose the word for your DIY flag….

Each flag will feature a single word. This could be a name, a team name, or a special word of intention. Determine the number of letters in the word you’d like on your flag.

Use a pencil to draw vertical lines that divide your smaller colored paper triangle up into the appropriate number of spaces. In between each “letter” cut away a small strip of the triangle and throw it away. Imagine these strips are like the spaces between the letters.

Use paper to make a flag that illustrates a special word!

Drawing the letters on your pennant sign…

Each block will contain one block letter. In order to maintain the look of a pennant flag you want your letter to fill the space completely. Letters should stretch from top to bottom and side to side. Use pencil and draw lightly until it’s right.

For younger artists it may be helpful to draw the letter shape in the appropriate size and then let them thicken the lines to create the “block” letter.

These DIY paper pennant signs are a fun way to illustrate a single special word, team, or name!

Attach letters to your DIY flag…

Cut your letters out with scissors, laying them on the paper flag backing as you go. Wait and secure them with glue when they’re all cut in case any adjustments need to be made. Add a related symbol or embellishment to fill any space left over at the end.

These DIY pennant flags are a fun way to showcase a special name, team, or word!

Finishing your DIY flag…

Most felt pennant flags have some binding on them. Use a contrasting color strip of paper to create this same effect.

Cut a long and skinny strip of paper. Glue it to the vertical edge of the flag and trim to match the angle of the flag. Voila!

Illustrate a single special word in a festive way with these DIY pennant flags made from paper.

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