Learn how to make stickers at home with a super simple materials list- nothing special required.

Learn how to make stickers at home- the easy way…

Learning how to make a homemade stickers is going to open up a whole new world of making for your crafty kiddo.

Making your own stickers is quick and easy and this method requires no fancy materials.

Here’s what you’ll need to make stickers…

You’ll need images or drawings that you want to turn into stickers.

This is the fun part! Decide what you want to make into a sticker. You can draw a unique drawing and make it into a sticker. Find an image in a magazine and turn it into sticker- anything you want!

Do you want to make your own custom digital images for your homemade stickers? Check out this hands on course that will turn your student into a digital creator within the afternoon. (And it uses a free website- all you need is a computer, Mac or PC.)

Other sticker making materials are simple!

Other than the images you wish to turn into stickers the only other materials you’ll need are packing tape- the clear kind. In this tutorial I used the standard width but I also ordered this roll of jumbo packing tape that I plan to make some supersized homemade stickers.

Parchment paper is needed – the kind from the baking aisle.

And, you’ll also need scissors. Not bad, right?!?

Learn how to make stickers at home.

Preparing to make stickers…..

Start by cutting out the image you plan to make into a sticker. I like to leave a little white around the edges, like a traditional store bought sticker.

Next, tear off enough parchment paper to fit your sticker image on.

Tape a pice of packing tape, sticky side down onto the parchment. If one strip of tape isn’t wide enough for your images lay two pieces down overlapping just a bit.

Make your own stickers….

Now that you’ve laid the base of parchment and packing tape arrange the images on that base, with no overlapping, and a bit of space between each image.

Lay a second layer of packing tape on top of the images, covering the entire image. Overlap multiple strips if necessary, just like the first layer.

Now grab an old gift card or you can even use the back of a spoon. Rub back and forth over the top layer of packing tape. This will make sure the layers are really adhered and get rid of any air bubbles.

Use your homemade stickers…

Before you can use the stickers you just made they’ll need cut out. It’s important that this step is done correctly so your stickers work!

Cut around each sticker out leaving a border beyond the image. This is what will keep the image sandwiched between the packing tape and be sticky!

When you’re ready to use your homemade sticker peel off the parchment paper and stick!

Watch the video above and we can make stickers together!

Learn how to make stickers at home

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