Learn how to combine super simple shapes and lines to make endless combinations of fun, unique fish drawings!

Supplies for this learning how to draw a fish video art lesson…

The supplies for this drawing lesson are super simple and will easily lend themselves to whatever you have on hand!  If all that’s handy is a pencil and copy paper- it’ll totally do!

If you have card stock or a similarly heavy paper grab that! It’s great to draw on- smooth and sturdy.

If you are comfortable with it encourage your kids to draw with a permanent marker instead of a pencil. Permanent markers, are, well, permanent. That means no erasing. I love asking kids to draw with no possibility of erasing.  Draw, keep drawing, and ignore the mistakes. Do what feels best to you and your kiddos, and, as always, use what you have on hand!

Combine simple shapes and lines for an endless combination of fun fish drawings.

How to draw a fish…

Below I’ve laid out some super simple combinations of fish body shapes, fin, eyes, patterns and more.

Encourage your young artist to grab a resource image, like a photograph of a fish from the internet or a book.  Your artist can work from that picture by noticing the specific shapes in their fish.

Alternatively, play with the shapes and draw from your imagination..  Drawing doesn’t always have to be serious and realistic to be fun and worthwhile.

(Scroll down a bit for a video lesson- I’ll share how I use these shapes to draw fish, many fish- actually!)

Finish your fish drawing…

Add some plants.  Simple bubbly shapes become wavy underwater greenery. Simple line that “V” off become underwater coral growths. Plants that are closer to the viewer should be drawn in front of the fish.  Plants further away from the viewer should be behind the fish or in the background.

Add some color with the media of your choice.  I used washable markers for a quick splash of color but you could choose watercolor paints, crayons, colored pencils, or more.

Black and white learn to draw a fish lesson

Want to draw fish together?

I’ve put together a full length video art lesson in the video below. Together we will walk through all the different combinations and options to draw super easy (and unique) fish!

Grab your markers and we can draw together right now!  Just click play!

Learn how to draw a fish with markers with this free video art lesson

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Learn how to draw a fish underwater scene

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