These fun spider crafts for kids range from simple to more sophisticated and use everyday materials you already have around the house!

Learn how to draw a spider web…

Learn a few tips and tricks to draw your own spider web. All you need for this spider web drawing is pen and paper!

How to draw a spider web, spider craft

Make a rainbow spiderweb craft…

This rainbow spiderweb is not only super colorful but it’s also transparent. These look amazing tucked into a window!

Rainbow spiderweb sun catcher, spider craft

Learn how to make a twig spiderweb…..

Use materials found in nature and some yarn scraps to make this charming spider craft!

I can just imagine these dainty spiderwebs tucked in a corner or hanging from a fixture.

How to make a twig spiderweb, spider craft

Glue spiderweb resist….

This spiderweb craft is less a craft and more of a legitimate art experience. A glue outline provides a nice structure for a watercolor painting.

watercolor resist spiderweb painting, spider craft

Coffee filter spiderweb…..

These colorful spiderwebs are made with just coffee filters and markers. These are quick to make and so pretty. Your kid will want to make these over and over!

Make colorful spiderwebs with coffee filters, spider crafts

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spider crafts for kids