This free printable nativity scene is ready for kids to color, cut and play!

Materials to make a printable nativity set…

-card stock, or heavy paper




-a way to add color- crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.

Nine printable Christmas Nativity figures for kids to color, cut, and play

Adding color to your printable nativity figures…

Before cutting anything out take this time to add color to your printable nativity set. (It’s easier to do before cutting shapes out!) If this is a family or class project I recommend cutting each paper into larger rough shapes so that each child can have their own figures to color.

Add color in any way your young artists prefer.  I used marker on the figures on the pictures. Crayon or colored pencil would be just as nice.  Use what you have!

printable Nativity set for kids to color

Assembling your printable nativity set….

Step one is to cut out all the shapes on the exterior lines.

Then, grab some tape, preferably clear tape like Scotch tape. Put a small tab of it on the lines tab, sticky side out. Wrap the figure into a cone shape. Line the cone up starting at the bottom and working your way up to the “point.”

Once you’ve attached it from the inside the cone is closed and ready to display. If the pieces will be played with I suggest adding an additional piece of clear tape on the outside of the figure just to toughen it up.

printable Nativity set for kids to color

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Free printable Nativity set for kids to color and play.

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