Make your own DIY paper bag book with this easy paper bag craft. Best of all are the pockets in this DIY book for stashing treasures!

Materials to make your own paper bag book….

  • You’ll need three paper lunch bags per book. These can be any size but it does help if the size is consistent throughout each book. Check out cute option like the polka dotted lunch bags or these bags that come in a variety of colors.
  • Paper punch
  • Ribbons or yarn
  • Markers, crayons, pencil, and paper for additional decorations
Use lunch size paper bags to make your own DIY book.

Prepare your paper bags for bookmaking….

To begin you need to create a flat “tunnel” from each bag. Leave the bag flat and cut off the gusseted part leaving just a flat “tube” of paper.

Sack all three bags on top of one another and fold them in half.

Turn paper bags into a homemade book with this simple method.

How to bind your paper bag book….

Working with just one folded paper bag at a time punch a set of holes near the fold. Punch at least three, but more if desired.

Place the bag that’s already had holes punched on top of another bag and mark where holes should be punched. Remove the first bag, punch holes on the spots marked, and repeat with the third bag.

Use ribbon or yarn to loop through the holes and tie in bows or weave up and down through all of the holes.

Use paper lunch bags to create your own DIY book.

Using your paper bag book….

One of my favorite things about making a paper bag book is the resulting “envelope” pages. Because the book is constructed from paper bags each page has an inner envelope. This is the perfect spot for stashing special treasures.

Think about adding these types of things to your paper bag book…

  • tickets
  • photos
  • drawings
  • trinkets
  • writings
Paper bags are an easy way to create you own DIY book.

More DIY books to make…

I love bookmaking in all forms. These special books are the sweetest way to record thoughts, become a special sketchbook, or extend a study of any subject. A handmade book just makes it all the more special.

Make a book from a single piece of paper

Learn easy bookmaking methods using simple household materials!

Make your own DIY book using paper bags.

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