The Foil Print- Easy Monoprints with Reusable Printing Plates

For Kids, Printmaking July 25, 2017

When you think of art supplies does aluminum foil pop right into your head?  No?  Well then, you’re pretty normal.  Knowing me and my penchant for making art from household supplies this weird foil print idea shouldn’t surprise you at all!

Elements of Art for Kids with free printable book

Elements & Principles of Art, For Teachers, Printable Art Prompts March 13, 2017

For kids learning the elements of art is kind of like learning their ABC’s.  The elements are simple little ideas, pieces that work together to make something bigger.  Teaching the elements of art for kids doesn’t need to be intimidating.

Glue Drawing with Chalk

Drawing, For Kids September 27, 2016

Almost all kids are familiar with the process of putting a pencil to paper and drawing.  But drawing over those pencil lines with glue, or maybe even skipping the pencil altogether, can get really exciting!  Glue drawing adds a third dimension to drawing with a pencil.

For Mamas, Staying Creative August 11, 2016

Barn Quilt DIY

The kids had decided it was too hot to play outside.  So where did I go? Directly outside into the blazing afternoon sun.  It may have been hot but it was quiet.

We are nearing the end of summer.  The kids have been sloth like and uninterested in much except picking at each other.  (We may even start school a week early to help combat their boredom!  Mwhahaha.) They have succeeded in making me feel like I could lose my mind.

So instead I will paint.  When I get stressed I make.  It could be fancy food, volumes of food, paintings that make me happy.   One very cold streak last winter I freaked out and made American girl doll sleeping bags and several outfits even though dolls rarely get played with at my house.  Those tiny garments brought some order to my brain. A project with a beginning and an end and a finished product that lasts for more than 20 minutes can do wonders for a girl.   “Move over kids.  Mama’s got a project.”


For Mamas, Homeschool August 8, 2016

Homeschool 2.0

My kids have spent the last two weeks like sloths, hanging off the edge of the couch, barely able to support their own body weight.  There has been complaints of boredom, tiredness, and and a lack of purpose that could drive an adult with a mile long to do list batty.

For Mamas, Homeschool August 2, 2016

Truths for your First Year of Homeschool

Last year this time I used a lot of trees worth of index cards and loose leaf paper crazy planning for our school year ahead.  It was our first year of homeschool and I wanted to rock it.   I literally tried to map out how many minutes of each subject, each day, for each kid we would need to accomplish to meet the requirements set forth by the state of Ohio.

For Mamas, Homeschool July 30, 2016

The Forgotten Kid

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

I had looked forward to this day all week.  My oldest, a  thirteen year old gentle giant at 6’2″ with a size 16 shoe, had been gone at basketball camp all week.  My youngest and I were out gathering groceries, preparing for a homecoming meal (okay, it was pizza)  when my phone rang.  It was number one.   Pickup time.   Turns out that pickup time was four hours earlier than I had planned, and I wasn’t there.   Forgetting a kid somewhere is jut the worst feeling as a mom, and probably not a great feeling for a kid either.  I was not nailing this motherhood thing.

For Mamas, Homeschool July 26, 2016

Rule Follower Turned Homeschool Rebel

I like rules, really, I do.

Last year this time there were boxes of books arriving at my door.  Not just any books, but curriculum. Books a person would only order if they were planning to hijack their children’s education and take it into their own hands.  Research had been done, questions had been asked, books had been read, reread, dutifully highlighted and flagged.  Only those closest to my family knew we were even considering withdrawing our four kids from school and homeschooling.  Even though hundreds of dollars of books were being dropped at my door it was hard to make the commitment out loud.  I talked around it, mumbled,  and acted like it was just this weird thing we thought about for five minutes.  Nope, we were doing it.  For real.

For Mamas, Homeschool July 21, 2016

Those Weird Homeschool Kids

There Are Worse Things Than Weird

Once upon time our family joked about weird homeschoolers.   When my kids complained too much about public school I teasingly offered to keep them home with me and teach them at the kitchen table.  Just the two of us, all day, every day, I would say.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Well, now we are the weird homeschoolers.

Chalk it up to one more thing I said I would never do, back before we had actual children.

Acquaintances and the public at large have had a mostly positive reaction to our lifestyle change, not that it really mattered. But, that’s not to say we haven’t been a few people worried that our kids will not be able to speak to people outside our family, or worse yet, that they develop a different worldview than that of their peers.  Gasp.

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