This collection of kid’s crafts from recyclables are perfect for crafting using exactly what you already have!

Kid’s crafts from recyclables using fabric….

Make your own recycled t -shirt yarn

First, learn how to up-cycle old t-shirts into soft and cozy yarn. A few intentional folds and cuts and you’ve got an easy to use, continuous piece of yarn.

I especially love using t- shirt yarn with kids. It’s bulk allows projects to go much quicker than using a fine yarn.

Make a recycled plastic bottle weaving

The base for this weaving is a plastic water bottle that would otherwise be thrown out. Use up-cycled t-shirt yarn to make this craft out of 100% recycled materials!

Weave your own recycled coaster.

This woven coaster craft is a great way to extend basic weaving skills. Make it with up-cycled yarn to make it a completely recycled craft for your kids!

Kids crafts from recycled t-shirt material

Up-cycled crafts for kids….

Make your own plarn.

Plarn is just plastic yarn. And it’s easy to make using a few specific cuts and any grocery bags you might have laying around waiting to be recycled.

You can sub plarn for any of the recycled crafts here that use t-shirt yarn for a totally different look.

Make recycled pom poms.

Use any kind of yarn, preferably up-cycled, to make these adorable pom poms!

This recycled craft is perfect for a keychain, backpack accessory, or gift wrapping extra!

A recycled craft for those used gift cards

When you use a gift card up and the cashier asks if you’d like to keep the card- say YES!

These little paint scrapers are made from old gift cards and they can be used to create super fun process painting opportunities over and over!

Printmaking for kids with recycled materials…

Printmaking using objects around you

Instead of purchasing art materials this printmaking project uses what you have!

Go on a treasure hunt around the house for objects to dip in paint and print. Suggestions from the recycle bin might be toilet paper roll tubes, small boxes, lids, plastic containers- anything is fair game here!

Printmaking from recycled office supplies

The gold and white prints you see below are made from none other than recycled rubber bands stretched around boxes.

This is an easy art prompt with tons of possibilities!

Recycled styrofoam prints

Are you familiar with the styrofoam trays baked goods often come on? Or disposable styrofoam plates?

How about giving those one time use items another go around with this printmaking process? This process uses styrofoam as a printing plate and washable markers for color. I LOVE this process!

Printmaking processes that use use recycled materials

Recycled crafts for kids with crayon and paper…

Turn old crayons into galaxy art

Save this project for a hot and sunny day. Let the heat of the sun turn grubby old crayons into something new!

Make old crayons new again

Grab some of those broken dirty crayons and make them into some new rainbow crayons. This recycled craft takes only a few minutes and the result is so fun.

Peeling the crayons is great for fine motor strength and i’ve even used these crayons as student gifts/rewards!

Make a recycled color wheel

This recycled craft uses any paper you have lying around to create a free form rainbow.

I love this because it asks kids to look at their surroundings in a new way.

kids crafts from recycled materials

Recycled crafts that use household materials…

Wine cork printmaking

Use wine corks as a chunky handle for a DIY stamp set. These are a great way to make gift wrap or just focus on making patterns.

Recycle toilet paper tube for shadow box frames..

Toilet paper tubes are the perfect up-cycle for these three dimensional shadow box frames inspired by the Latin American nicho.

Make a recycled three dimensional sculpture

Grab some toilet paper rolls and start building! This isn’t a step by step art project but more of an invitation to create!

Recycled kid’s artwork into new artwork…

Make an old fashioned pinwheel- recycled!

The free templates to make a pinwheel come in two sizes. While you can make this pinwheel craft from any paper but I think the splash of color from artwork makes these pinwheels extra special.

Make a recycled basket craft

This paper basket starts with a free printable template. Use any paper strips to weave it into a three dimensional shape.

Cut old artwork into strips to make this a recycled craft perfect for giving!

Recycled Christmas tree craft…

These Christmas trees get their personality from the fact that they’re made from kid’s art work. Since we can’t keep all of our kid’s masterpieces forever we might as well make them into something new, right?

kids crafts from up-cycled kid's artwork

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18 kids crafts from recyclables