Take Easter egg decorating to the next level by making bold graphic designs on your eggs using rubber cement as a resist!

Rubber cement and Easter eggs….

The first step to creating these graphic Easter eggs is drizzling rubber cement over them to create shapes on the egg which will resist the Easter egg dye.

Prop your already boiled egg up on something- maybe an egg carton or one of these printable Easter egg holders. Use the brush in the rubber cement jar to drizzle bits of rubber cement onto the egg without the brush ever touching.

This super fun because, for most kids, they’ve been taught not to play with glue.  Today, they get to play in the glue!

Leave plenty of space on the egg uncovered by rubber cement- this is the area that will accept the egg dye.  Rubber cement dries quickly.  Set them aside for an hour or two until the rubber cement is dry.  (Rubber cement feels tacky even when dry!)

Easter eggs covered in rubber cement in red, blue, purple, and green egg dye

Dying Easter eggs…

Prepare your Easter egg dyes according to the package directions.  Plop a rubber cement covered egg into the dye and let it sit for a few minutes.

Remove from the dye and allow the egg dye to dry completely before attempting to remove the rubber cement. Trying to remove the rubber cement before the dye is dry will remove the dye and smudge the clean white parts under the rubber cement.  (Ask me how I know!)

blue, green, red, and purple Easter eggs decorated with lines of rubber cement

Removing the rubber cement….

Once the eggs are dry it’s time to remove the rubber cement and expose the clean white lines left behind.  This is easy for little hands- the rubber cement will rub off easily with fingertips!

These decorated Easter eggs are so bold and graphic.  I love them as is.  But if your kiddos are feeling adventurous they can go through this entire process again for an even more intricate look. Add a second layer of rubber cement.  When it’s dry plop it into the dye again and wait for it to dry.  When the second layer of rubber cement is dry repeat the rubbing off process.  What’s left is an interesting combination of white spaces, the original color, the second color dye, and places where to two colors overlap!

These eggs are so pretty they’re hard to stop looking at!

bold colored Easter eggs decorated with rubber cement in a bed of yellow Easter grass

More Easter fun…

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When your Easter eggs are all decorated print out a few of these Easter egg holders to color and display the best of the best!

These stand up paper egg templates are a fun way to practice patterning and dress up any tabletop or mantel!

brightly colored Easter eggs decorated with egg dyes and rubber cement

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