Follow along with over twenty easy painting ideas for kids that use everyday materials to inspire your young artist!

Art that engages your senses….

If you’re look for a sensory activity that will engage one or more of your kiddo’s senses these easy painting ideas will be sure to do just that!

Most of these simple painting ideas use the simplest of art supplies and/or household materials you probably already have. Art can be made from anything!

Painting on paper towels…

Paper towels provide a unique and absorbent surface to paint on. Grab your watercolor paints and get painting!

Marble painting for kids….

This painting idea for kids uses larger motor skills for rolling and shaking the marbles through the paint. See details for the marble painting for kids project here!

Finger painting is for kids of all ages…

Go a step beyond traditional finger painting with these ten creative ideas that will breathe new life into your finger painting experience!

Chilly painting for kids….

Painting on ice is a fun and simple painting experience for artists of any age. Paint on ice cubes in the comfort of your home or head outdoors to find some ice that’s just begging to be painted on!

Or head out on a snowy day for some painting on snow. Simple watercolor paints leave a vibrant mark in clean snow!

Easy painting ideas for kids include simple painting ideas that use things you already have in your home!

Process art painting for kids….

Make painting for kids easy with these process based painting ideas! The fun is in the making!

Watercolor without paints…

Make abstract watercolor art that doesn’t use any paint! That’s right, these vibrant colors come from washable markers!

Painting on unique surfaces…

A new painting experience is as easy as switching up the surface on which you’re painting! Swap paper for aluminum foil over cardboard as a painting surface for a slick and reflective painting process!

Push, pull, and move that paint…

Manipulate paint in a brand new way when you create your very own paint scraper from an up-cycled gift card!

Play with your food…

Do you happen to have a box of expired spaghetti noodles? Don’t toss them- make art from them! These DIY spaghetti paint brushes are a blast to put together and paint with!

Finger paint your own t-shirt….

The t-shirt designs below may look precise but they’re actually made from fingerprints. Use one of the provided stencils or get crazy and paint a free form fingerprint design!

Enjoy this list of over twenty easy things to paint for kids!

Watercolor painting for kids easy ideas….

Watercolor paints are a great medium for experimenting with kids. They’re easily accessible, inexpensive, provide vibrant color, and allow for so many different techniques!

Watercolor hearts…

These woven watercolor hearts are a modern take on the traditional Swedish woven hearts. They come with free printable templates and are a great place to experiment with a variety of watercolor techniques!

Easy watercolor painting techniques…

Learn nine different techniques to use with your traditional watercolor paints!

Primary color mixing with watercolor paints…

Learn how to layer colors with watercolor paints using a technique called glazing.

Painting a butterfly step by step….

This butterfly watercolor painting idea for kids explore so many concepts- symmetry, oil pastel basics, watercolors basics, the concept of a “resist” and more! Follow along with this step by step lesson!

These easy painting ideas for kids are sure to spark creativity in your kids!

Easy painting ideas for kids inspired by nature…

Looking to nature for inspiration for making art is always a good idea!

Painting ideas for kids- easy leaves….

Lay fresh leaves in pools of watercolor print to create vibrant leaf prints. The resulting prints are so detailed- your kids will be so impressed with their own work here!

Change up a traditional crayon leaf rubbing just a bit to create these ghostly white leaf rubbing images!

Snowflake painting ideas…

These brightly painted snowflakes are the result of cut coffee filters and watercolor paint or plain old food coloring!

Create gorgeous snowflake prints in watercolor when you cut paper snowflakes from wax paper!

Painting for kids- easy ideas to get your kids making masterpieces!

More painting ideas for kids- easy ones….

Easy ideas for painting and mixing colors…

Use on color plus black and white to create an easy painting full of shades and tints!

Start with two primary colors and create a surprise secondary color! The addition of painters tape adds a fun element of resist and structure to this easy painting lesson!

Painting ideas for kids include watercolors paint, tempera paint, and more!

Take your paints outside…

Take to the streets with this three ingredient chalk paint recipe. It’s so easy your kids can make it themselves, which is half the fun!

Combine two paintings into one….

Start by creating two paintings. The two used in this example are similar to each other but two contrasting paintings would be an interesting effect too!

Combine the two paintings into one weaving. This project takes basic weaving and painting skills and elevates them a few notches!

Twenty plus easy painting ideas for kids that will inspire them!

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