Just because your kids are no longer littles doesn’t mean they can’t have fun making! Check out these awesome crafts for teenagers.

What makes crafts perfect for a teenager?

In my experience teens love crafting just as much as the littles. In fact, creating together creates the perfect context for building that connection that’s so important during the teen years.

Grab your snacks and set up shop. If your teens show no interest I encourage you to dive in yourself. As your teens see you creatively engage it may prompt them to be curious about the processes as well. You may catch their interest after all!

Crafts for teenagers and tweens are easy to start with this huge list of choices!

Paper crafts for teens…

A stack of paper is one of the easiest starts to a crafty day! Whether you’re starting with plain drawing paper, past art work that’s ready to be up-cycled, or a stack of colored card stock- these ideas will keep you busy!

(Hint- If you want to follow along with the graphic above I’m starting at the top and working clock wise!)

-Sandpaper prints are a great way to experience the element of texture. Make sandpaper crayon prints on paper or create your own custom designed t-shirt with the same sandpaper print method!

Make your own three dimensional picture frame with this simple template and any piece of paper!

Teens will love making their own stickers with this simple duct take method! They can use their own drawings or graphics they design and print!

-A zentangle landscape is the perfect teen art project. All you need are markers and paper and time to doodle!

Paper bag books are a great craft for teens because they’re perfect for displaying and holding all kinds of photos, keepsakes and other 2D memorbilia. These index card books are a pretty adorable mini journal your teens will love too!

These easy image transfers are a great way to incorporate your teen’s special photos into unique arts and crafts!

Learn to draw a mandala right alongside your teen with this step by step drawing guide and free printable mandala template to get you started! If you love the mandala drawing checkout this mandala art for beginners- list of mandala inspired crafts for teens!

Check out this huge list of crafts for teenagers- from making flowers to slime to tie dyed shoes. Your teens and tweens will find craft and projects just for them!

More crafts for teens….

Your teen will love making their own poms poms to hang on their backpack or in the window! You don’t even need yarn for this project you can make your own yarn from an old t- shirt!

Make three dimensional flowers using old magazine pages or up-cycled artwork. Your teens and tweens will love giving a bouquet of these flowers away or using them to decorate their own space!

Do all teens love tie dye? They do at my house! try this easy mini version of tie dye done on paper towels! These are so beautiful and vibrant- your teenagers will love including them in their other artwork as well!

-Weave a bowl using a paper plate as a base. This is a great way to further those basic weaving skills! The free template provided will make it easy for your teens to start crafting right away!

Coffee filter flowers are undeniably more sophisticated than their supply list belies. Your teen will love this flower craft for gifting, decorating, and even photo ops!

Tie dye any canvas shoes using permanent markers ad your teens will have the most unique shoes in their crowd!

Your teens are not too old to enjoy making slime… trust me! This slime recipe uses only four ingredients and is guaranteed to bring out the kid in your teen!

20 awesome craft for teens and tweens make it easy to get creative and connect with your teens!

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