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These printables are all free and handmade by me! They are what I use with my own kids and in the art classes that I teach! I hope you can put ’em to work too!

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Homeschool Evaluatiuon Preparation, Encouragement, and Printables

Last year this time I was just beginning to think about wrapping up our first homeschool year.  Here in the state of Ohio we must notify the state each year of our intent to homeschool.  At the end of said year we can either choose a homeschool evaluation or  have our student take a standardized test.  I chose to have my four kid’s work evaluated by a local licensed teacher and here’s how that went down. (Hint, there’s a lot of hand wringing and pukey stomach stuff involved.)

Homeschool evaluation- scary right? We ended our first year as homeschoolers with an assessment by a local teacher. Here's how that went down!

Homeschool evaluations shouldn’t leave you feeling nauseous.

I’m not here to tell you how to organize for having your kiddos work looked at by someone else.  (Although I DO love organizing & have some fun printables you might want to use if you’re the kinda’ person who calms themselves by organizing!!)  I’m here to be your cheerleader!  You can do this!  Yay you!

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Elements of Art for Kids with free printable book

For kids learning the elements of art is kind of like learning their ABC’s.  The elements are simple little ideas, pieces that work together to make something bigger.  Teaching the elements of art for kids doesn’t need to be intimidating.

The elements of art for kids are building blocks to making and talking about great art! Use this free printable book to outline the concepts step by step!

Talk about art, look at art, make art, use art words.   Doing these things when your kids are little will allow your kids to grow into adults than can express themselves creatively and appreciate the artwork of others.   Teaching these basic building blocks of art is a great place to start!

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The Element of Value in Art an Intro and free printable

The concept of value in art has many possible definitions.  For most kids the idea of value in art may bring to mind a valuable painting they saw in a museum or maybe even a good deal on a new set of paints.

The element of value in art is all about the lightness or darkness of a color; be it black or any other color. Value is an easy concept to teach and learn!

But the element of value is really all about the lightness or darkness of a color; be it black or any other color.

The elements of art and principles of designs are building blocks of any art education!

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Introduction to the Element of Space with Free Printable

The element of space is a pretty special one.  It’s that secret ingredient that makes art go from coloring book outlines to art that looks like you could reach out and touch it.

The element of space is a pretty special one.  It's the secret ingredient that makes art go from outlines to realistic. Here are some ways to create depth.

As kids get older they tend to get a little more hesitant to create art.  They begin to notice how their “ability” stacks up to the artist next to them.  It’s not lost on them when their artwork doesn’t look much like the teacher example hanging at the front of the room.

The element of space helps kids create realism!

Using the tips included in the printable below gives kids distinct steps to create the illusion of depth in their artwork, and thereby some realism!  Having some tools to draw from gives kids the courage to keep making art!

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Homeschool Art Class, Printables

An Intro to the Element of Texture in Art with printable

Texture is the feel or consistency of a surface.  Making the connection between texture and art ought to be easy.  Kids touch everything!  Reaching out and touching things is one of the very first ways a child gathers information about their world.  Texture is something a child can feel with their sense of touch.

Well, usually.

Texture has always been one of the trickier elements to discuss with kids, in my opinion.  I can unroll an art print and talk about the texture the artist created with thick oil paints.  As a class we can discuss the rough, loose weave of a piece of  fabric in a photo.  Meanwhile the print and the photo are printed on slick, glossy paper.  Huh, what?

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My No Plan Homeschool Plan

When we began homeschooling the idea of planning the entire education for four little people was a little overwhelming.  Okay, overwhelming may be an understatement in my case.  My public school trained brain was having a hard time believing that one person could be in charge of such an undertaking.  I set off in search of a “homeschool plan” that was achievable and would give my kids what they needed.

When we started to homeschool I was excited about teaching & learning with my kids. Spending evening and weekends on a homeschool plan was not so appealing!

Anyone that homeschools or has thought about it for half a second know that the resources available to homeschoolers today are amazing.  As in a person could read about pedagogy, philosophy, planning, and encouragement just for homeschoolers for literally hundreds of hours and not even touch the surface of what’s available.

(I surely didn’t do this.  It was, ahem, a friend.)

No matter how much you read it’s hard to know just how homeschooling is going to work in your home until you jump off the cliff and try it.  I was willing and excited about spending hours teaching and learning with my kids.   However, spending my evenings and weekends planning and strategizing the following days lessons was not so appealing.

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Homeschool Art Class, Printables

Line in Art An Intro and Free Printable

Lines are basic.  Lines are easy.  Even people that think that they cannot draw are known to say they can only draw stick figures; which are of course lines!  Line is an essential element of art and a great place to start with kids, no matter their age, because it is so unintimidating.  Pointing out the element of line in art is an easy place to start!

As kid get older art can be intimidating.  Making art can be something that makes kids clam up with an instant “I can’t.”  I love introducing the elements of art to kids because it gives them an easy place to start.  Everyone can draw a line, then another line, then a different kind of line.  Before they know it they are making all kinds of marks; which is a great beginning to making art!

After being able to draw lines comes the next best thing about introducing line in art.  And that’s being able to talk about art.  Being able to identify a single element like line or color gives kids of any age a place to start when they look at art!

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Homeschool Art Class, Printables

Free Color Wheel (& Color Theory) Printable

Color.  It doesn’t get any more basic than that, right? Identifying colors is one of the first things we teach our little ones.  Some of the first sight words learned are the color words.   Color is a language even the smallest people understand.  This free printable color wheel is a natural place to start.

Color is a language even the smallest people understand. This free printable color wheel is a great place to introduce basic color theory and vocabulary!

The elements of art are the building blocks for being able to talk about (and create) art.   (Click here to read about how I introduce the elements of art to my kiddos and get the free printable!)

Once my kids have an overview of what the elements of art are I like to focus on one element at a time, in a little more depth.  Color is an obvious choice;  who doesn’t love color?

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