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The line between school and family is blurred now, and I love that! Learning and family time are no longer exclusive. Let’s talk about trips, celebrations, and why no one listens the first time.

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Internet Safety and Our Kids-What We Use & Why

I have a love hate with technology for my children.  I see the potential for technology to literally teach them anything they want to know.  Technology can connect them to the world in a way that wasn’t possible to imagine when I was a super awkward cool 12 years old walking around with my Discman. With a little internet safety savvy that big wide world/technology connection can continue being a positive!

Limits.  It's all about technology serving us and not the other way around.  We found a simple little tool that has helped us get a handle on internet safety.

Limits.  It’s all about technology serving us and not the other way around.  This is a difficult balance even as an adult.  We found a simple little tool that has helped us get a handle on internet safety and has ended the “five more minutes” argument.

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Growth Mindset Quotes for Kids & Parents

Growth mindset is kind of a buzz word lately.  I’m all in when it comes to self help or anything that will inspire me to be a better version of myself.  This growth mindset idea really struck a nerve in me because it’s something I struggle with and I see popping up in my own kids.  These growth mindset quotes are just little snippets I like to remember to keep myself looking forward!

I love that what you know & what you can do can change at anytime!  This is exciting news, right? These growth mindset quotes are good reminders of just that

I’m not good at trying new things.  Let me rephrase that; I’m not good at trying new things in front of other people.  I love learning new things but I prefer time to process and practice them without an audience.  I hate being the center of attention and being at the center of an audience because I’m failing at something is something I try to avoid at all costs.

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Books about Homeschoolers for Middle & High School Students

My memories of middle school and high school basically subsist of trying not to draw attention to myself. While I was figuring out what was going on around me my go to strategy was to fly under the radar. Who wants to be different?  (It wasn’t me.)

Everyone wants to fit in somewhere.That's why I set out to find  books about homeschoolers as characters appropriate for your middle and high school student!

I think that’s somewhat of a universal experience for kids as they mature.  Everyone wants to fit in somewhere.  That’s why I set out to find some books about homeschoolers as main characters that would be appropriate for older kids; specifically middle school and high schoolers.

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Books Featuring Homeschoolers for Elementary Students

When we first started homeschooling and people asked which school my four kids attended I would kind of mumble the words “We’re homeschoolers”  under my breath.  Saying they didn’t go to school and sit in a classroom all day just seemed weird.  Two years later and I’ve come to adore the label of “weird homeschooler.”  As proud as I am of our families educational choices it is nice when my kids can see our lifestyle reflected in the books they read.  I set out on a mission to uncover some children’s books that feature homeschoolers.

I set out on a mission to uncover children's books featuring homeschoolers. It's nice when my kids can see our lifestyle reflected in the books they read.

Reading books featuring homeschoolers make my little homeschoolers feel connected!

Homeschooling is becoming more mainstream all the time and I was shocked at the amount of books I was able to find that feature homeschoolers as characters.

How homeschool is portrayed in these books varies as wildly as homeschool does in real life.  I love that.  Homeschool looks different in every family!

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Do homeschool kids miss out?

We’ve been homeschoolers for almost two years.  We’re no longer trying this lifestyle on for size.  It’s a thing at our house.

I finally feel confident that I’ve got this teacher mama gig covered.  My kids are learning and growing.  We are adjusting to life outside of the constricts of the public school system.  (All this freedom can make you a bit loopy.)

High school, middle school; I mean this is serious stuff. Do homeschool kids miss out on the big stuff as they get older?

When we left school I felt a certain amount of trepidation that that I had bit off more than I could chew.  Maybe a side of anxiety was thrown in that my kids might miss out on some experience that was crucial to their childhood.

Such is parenting that just as I begin to feel at peace about these issues a new one pops up.

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New Years Printables for your Homeschool

I’ve never been big on making New Year’s resolutions.  I don’t know that I’ve ever made one in my life except when prompted by a teacher’s request upon return to school from Christmas break.  I’m not planning on coaxing my kids write down silly rules for themselves that they have no intention of keeping for the sake of making them “better” in the coming year.  That’s not what these new years printables are for!

These free new years printables help you and your kiddos reflect the good of 2016 and look forward to 2017!

These are the bits to remember!

  I know my kids can cut, and paste, and do all sorts of crazy things with numbers.  What I really love is work that shows a little peek inside who my child is at that moment.  I want to remember what they loved, what they look forward to, basically what matters to them.

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Our Homeschool Calendar & Why We Ditched It

Our Homeschool Calendar and Why We Ditched it

Today was Monday after nice a nice long week off.

I hate to say I dreaded this Monday.  But, I dreaded it.  I wasn’t ready to resume “the struggle” of the previous week.

(I usually love Mondays.  I’m weird like that.)

Our homeschool calendar & why we ditched it for a much needed break!

The week before our break was horrid.   I seriously considered sending my two less compliant children back to public school.  Shoo.  Gone.   I daydreamed about what I would do with my spare time and bushels of patience left over at the end of each day.

The week before that while not horrible was less pleasant than I’d like to admit.  It was a trend.  A downward spiral that we were all experiencing; not just me, not just one child.

As a unit we were going down the homeschool pooper.

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The “Yes Mom” Saying Yes and Other Ways to Take the Joy Out of Homeschooling

The “yes mom.”  I’m afraid I may have morphed into her at some point.  I’m not entirely sure how or when it happened but it left me a little unrecognizable.  Yes, yes, yes…..I can do that!  I can get you there and give you that and accommodate that.

Until one day I realize I can’t.  I can’t and I really don’t want to anymore.  As much as I love my darling little people they may have pushed me over the edge, an edge that has been a long time coming. Continue Reading