About Me

Once upon a time I was an art teacher.

Then I was a stay at home mom.

I missed making.  I missed inspiring little people to make their own “stuff.”

Now by some weird twist of fate I get to be both a stay at home mom and an art teacher!


I started blogging as a way to connect with other families that have chosen this crazy homeschool lifestyle.  (You guys are good people; the most encouraging, helpful bunch out there!)

Along the way I’ve realized what I really love doing is sharing my gift of creativity with other families. Making things comes easy to me.  I need to make things in order to feel happy.

I enjoy making all kinds of stuff; cooking, sewing, blogging, painting, you name it.  I don’t do any of it because I’m particularly talented at it but because it feeds me.

Making art isn’t about being “good” at it!

Helping kids discover the joy of creating things makes a day a good one for me.

One thing I’ve discovered in our homeschool journey is that no one person knows everything to teach a child.  Part of the beauty in homeschooling is seeking out amazing real world resources to teach our kids & ourselves!  I joke with my kids that as a homeschool mom I’m smarter than I’ve ever been.  I have learned so much through researching ways to help my kids learn!

Whether you’re a homeschooler, a classroom teacher, or a mom that just loves seeing her kids create I want to be that resource that helps you along the way!

In my quest for materials and resources for my own kids I’ve discovered that I’d like to share my own talent and be a creative resource for all of you!  I love creating printable resources that can help anyone teach their kiddos basics about art.  Documenting our fun process based art activities so that someone else may benefit has become a “thing” in my house.

Check out these posts to start getting artsy ASAP!

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Thinking so intentionally about your child’s experiences means you’re doing something right.

Take a few minutes and look around.   Read about what our days look like.

 Let me know what you think or if you have questions! How can I help?

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